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Artist: Monie Love
Album:  In a Word or 2
Song:   Mo' Monie
Typed by: {with help from liner notes}

[Verse 1]
Low and behold there's a story to be told
of a sister who missed a plane
Destiny was rearranged
I never knew that I would be in this position
Makin' money makin' music makin' a complete transition
But hey in here yeasterday, today and tomorrow
forever after that because none of my shit is borrowed
Cleverly constructed my flairs abundant
Developed from hangin' with all the roughnecks back in London
Pogo swiftly gets biznizz done with no parkin'
in a mellow manner cookies on the side sparkin'
Flavour la treacherous few will do you lovely
So don't run around playin' with you like you know money
Blessed when the Lord snipped my microphone cord
And said rock it any way you can you got the whole world in your hand
I made amendments to achieve my inner passion
Makin' performances in musical fashions
Check it out hypocritical subjects playin' like
Primadonna before they knew who I was yet
It's alright 'cause my rhyme will pack a fist full
Personification, smile, metaphor list full
Blissful is the interpretation I deliver
Make you quiver, make you kidneys dance all around your liver
I'm a giver of lyrical sex to your ear drum
Come all ya faithful to the record store and get some
Soul seasones with the future of the funk
It's not hard to find I stand out from the junk
Push a punk to oblivion spin 'em 'til they're dizzy and die
I won't be at that funeral 'cause I'm busy
Don't try to injust me suicidal you must be
If you suddenly develope the urge to cuss me
A lus will be given if correct is how you livin'
And the rhymes you recite are yours, not given

[Verse 2]
Sucka A sucka B sucka C or you talking 'G'
Or should I say pea brain no better yet shit-for-brains
You wanna save somebody save your bloddy self
It's grievous to see a waste of human tissue go to hell
Appointing yourself to be lord of the premises
When you look like death warmed up and you smell of piss
Hiss hiss hiss there a kiss of death coming
In your direction so you better start running
Doubleups of original creations
Is taking over rapidly false duplication
Artists that are supposed to be self-acclaimed
Tapping into other artists' domain
It's a bore to the brain blahblahblahblahblahblahblah
Shut the hell up I can't understand a word you're sayin'
I buy too and for what the hell I'm payin'
Check yourself before you point the finger and start slayin'
Method bottom pit used by emcee we ain't shit
Is the scraping of the barrel 'cause they're full of it
Yesterday's news tomorrow's forgotten thought
And how in the hell are you gonna pay for the shit you bought
Just like you I'm in it for self
Do whatever it takes whether you or someone else
it is amazing how the human mind works
Find somebody that you feel you can jerk
You should have never let yourself get talked into this one
Fuck around and your ass won't be a missed one
When it comes to the crunch on a lyrical basis
I pass with flying colors you might as well face this
I don't even wanna go on with this nonsense
You're just a repetitionist baby no contest
War with me and you'll wish you'd never been born
I'll shut your ass up quick and put a muscle on ya