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Artist: Spragga Benz f/ Foxy Brown
Album:  Fully Loaded
Song:   Too Stoosh
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Yu too stoosh
Jus choo is a range you ah push
Yu too stoosh
Choo yu have a fat kitty puss
Yu too stoosh
Like you couldn't do it inna bush
Ah gwaan like yu never toosh

Wey ya talk bout stoosh
Yu want mi little fat kitty puss
Mi glad say ah range me a push
Yes mi too stoosh
Cause fellows like you too stoosh
Yu nah get none ah this bush

Waa spend wi cash waa use wi plastic
An nuh waa fi let it off bout it too quick
Waa fi wear ice and get wi gold bricks
Mussi think man ah fool fi fall fi dem trick
Wi nuh trust gal cau dem gal ya too slick
We haffi brush gal before tings go public
Better get used to rolling with this click
So what if wi just don't want fi swap spit

Cause yu too stoosh
Yu better stop beat round the bush
Yu cash can't buy my puss
Yow yu too stoosh
Wi done have wi hot car ah push
You ah hot gal cock out oonu foot
Hey bwoy you stoosh
Ah hot gyal dis
Yu vibes hafi right if yu want my fish
So what if wi stoosh
Bumflick pon a fat joystick
Haffi have a license fi jook dis
Yow yu too stush
Yagga yow hot gal dis
Scorcher wi spit pure hotness
Yu too rahtid stoosh
Yu think me ah ediot gal nuh
Well dis ya girl ya nuh normal

Dead P's we a flip
Don P we a sip
Gyal yu betta tek part inna dis
Get ah attitude switch
Better rewrite yu script
Come act inna di flick be a star and pop Cris
Real money click
Krazy Em other Wi bad sick
Coming atcha rolling in di 5 or the 6
Hundred dollar bill clips wid diamonds ah gliss
Living in di fast lane pure hype and pure bliss
Yes ah our style de pon everybody lip
Yes cruise di world wi rent the whole ship
Yes how wi live yu know it well exotic
Tell mi if yu ready fi go pon a moon trip

Yu nuh know ah time you a waste
Big chatter cant full up my space
Ah bad gyal dis pure hotness no flopness
An nuh gal nuh tighter nor fatter than this Whoa
Bad gal we ah bruk out pon it
If ah man wait it mek him pay dung pon it gwey
Yu too rahtid stoosh
Ah nuh skettle dis good body gal top shatta gal gwey
Wi too stoosh wi nuh frighten fi dis
Better let off the chips Gladys knight and the pips whoa
Yes wi stuck up like fuck up
All shotta gal grab yu supm and cock up
Yes wi too stoosh everything criss pure tightness
Weather black or brown or brightness
Gal bruk out if yu ride big stiff can talk big shit
Tell him Que sera cause a wicked gal dis