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Artist: Case f/ Foxy Brown, Mary J. Blige
Album:  Nutty Professor Soundtrack
Song:   Touch Me, Tease Me
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[C]	Fox, whassup Fox?
[F]	What's up Case, how ya doin' baby?
[C]	Chillin', what's going down?
[F]	Ain't nothin', about to lace this track for ya real quick
[C]	Ya gonna flow in the joint for me?
[F]	Hell, yeah on some real live Foxy Brown shit
[C]	Yo, I'm a flow in the joint on some, some Case shit
	The job is flow

[Foxy Brown]
Pa Pa just keep me laced up
In the illa Case be,Issac Mizrahi
Fuck around with Dolce Gabanna
Sippin' pure 'Zay with the Ill Na Na
Nigga you fuck around
And how you know you tease and you join
Nigga your royalties and your pawn
So what the deal is?
But Foxy Brown met Case, now we laced
Bonnie met Clyde now I'm up in Jamaica breaking all your paper

You're the only one for me
You're the only one I need
Can't nobody make me feel
The way you're making me feel
And girl you know this love is real

[Mary J. Blige]
1 - 	Touch me, tease me
	Feel me and caress me
	Hold on tight and don't let go
	Baby I'm about to explode
	Cuz all my love you can control

I'll spend the night with you
If you promise you will do
All the things to make me scream
And you know just what I mean
Cuz tonight you taste like ice cream

I wanna make you fall in love
Make you touch the stars above
Please me low and be my friend
I'll come back and hit it again
And again, and again, and again
Don't go away

Repeat 1

Let me get that Lex nigga
Sex wetter than aquariums
Flashing, they get their ass in
Who fucks slow with lear jets and coups 
My ones stackin' 
You ain't know that I be mackin'
The extra set of keys
The thirty G's
Them chips, the bellies, had you livin' on your knees
Not to mention the laced out crib in Dallas
The fourty room palace
Sippin' cristal-ise

Repeat 1 until fade