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Artist: Montell Jordan f/ LL Cool J
Album:  Get it on Tonight 12"
Song:   Get it on Tonight (Remix)
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Def Jam baby
Like a Mac could
Def Soul

[LL Cool J]
I'm trying to figure out how I could make this happen, word up
Get this money
Shorty you musta lost my number
Fell into a deep slumber
You played me long deep
That make a playa wonder
I played Motorola tag
To get your wavy hair in my convertible Jag
I said I gotta take a leak
I slide inside
You bust in the bathroom sex in your eyes
I pecked you down low, tongue kissed the cat
Your legs is upside down twisted back
It feels so wet I'm on the go, this scenerio was far fetched
'Til I met this Caribbean honey coated, the pretty thug dream
Kissed your lips with Alize and ice cream
You told me LL I wanna be your queen
You a ball king, the - is morphine
Hard to find time and keep it on the hush
But still make you mine, got mad shine

[Montell Jordan]
Girl if itís alright
Letís go somewhere and get it on tonight
You shouldnít have to be alone tonight
Itís one on one tonight, tonight

[Montell Jordan]
Now sheís looking at me
But keep talking
Oh now sheís trying to ice you
Letís start walking
Over on the dance floor
Itís her fault but what can she do?
Tell me baby, yeah
Girl if youíre ready (Iím ready)
We can get it on (We can get it on)
I know where I went wrong (Sheís where you went wrong)
With you is where I belong, belong
Girl, if I can find the words to say
I gotta get away from a love that kills me every day
Iíd gladly say to you

1 - 	[Montell Jordan]
	Girl if it's alright
	Let's go somewhere and get it on tonight
	I've got a girl but you look good tonight
	It's one on one tonight, tonight

	Girl if it's alright
	Let's go somewhere and get it on tonight
	You shouldn't have to be alone tonight
	It's one on one tonight, tonight

[LL Cool J]
I testify, its best to try
Walk the fine line, tell no lies
My baby mad fly, honey hold me down
But I had to throw you in that apartment downtown
Switched your jewels up, flipped your wardrobe
Analyze the pager, came up with codes
Weíre both on our knees, I pull your hair back
Then push and fall and I spank it from the back
I know you like that
But during the week I pull a disappearing act
Where my girl is at
Iím zoning, a real nigga balling
Iím supposed to be a pimp but my body is calling
I donít know R. Kelly I calls my man
Two Lís in Montell, maybe he understand
A grown man throwing his life in quicksand
Just to feel my tip on your lips and hands

Repeat 1 till end