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Artist: Jagged Edge f/ Da Brat, Jermaine Dupri
Album:  A Jagged Era
Song:   The Way You Talk To Me (extended LP version)
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[Da Brat]
It's scarey, I'm a subsidiary of
So So Def, next to Jay D
This funkdafide baby keep 'em crazy
My mentality happen to be livin' lavish
With formalities of having the fat shit
My status is impeccable
We wreckin' yo crew, the casualty is you
Jagged Edge coming through
Remember who

Hit it, did it something like a thousand times
Can't stop, can't quit
Gotta, gotta get mine
Get yours

[Da Brat]
I catch you off guard
Keep yo dick hard  
Follow the yellow bitch 
To the road to riches
And if the smoke thickens
It's to be the beat
Or it detrimental to your brain
Choakin' off Mary Jane
A.T. Lanta insane
Came and kept it wetter than Niagra
The main dame who maintain to stay platinum, yeah, aww

[Jagged Edge]
We talking, me touchin' you and your body
We even talkin' 'bout you and your other guys
I like it when you tell me what you'd do if I was with you
I like it cuz you have nothin' to hide

1 - 	The way that you talk to me
	The things that you say to me
	You got my body girl
	Have your way with me
	I'm tellin' you now
	There's something about
	Girl, I can't live without
	The way you talk to me

We talking 'bout dreams you have about you and I
You tell me things I did to you once I got up inside
You make me look forward to the future
Wanna have a wife and kid
Cuz all the time that I been gettin' around
I never felt like this, yeah

I know you know baby, how much I love you 
I love you, you love me, and I know
Baby, I know, whoa, yeah, whoa
When I call yo name

It's all about the pu-punani-nani
And mo' money
With me pink bunny and the G
You just in the D J.E. era 
Chromed out carreras
Sex, booze and the nonstop I flow wit cheddar
Gimme some Christal, a sip or so
You can send the Mo' back
The type that walk up in the club screamin'
Where the ho's at
Tracks stay steaming, keep your floors packed
Diamonds stay gleeming and you're no match
For me and my faculty
Actually all y'all are whacked to me
Send me some some true playa's, with true rank
Don't give a damn what you think
Make a bet and I'll stop yo' bank, baby
You dress jiggy, body bomdigi
Then it's a possiblity that you and I can get busy
What chu wanna do, shit
I got a pocket full of rubbers, and Jay E. do too

Repeat 1

Make you scream Papa
You the best da da

Repeat until fade