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Artist: Ashanti f/ T.I.
Album:  Concrete Rose
Song:   Still Down
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[Intro - Ashanti] (T.I.)
Hey (You still down for me?)
Hey Heyyyyyyyy
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Um, um

Hey, how you doing? How ya been? I been laying low watching every way you move
So sit back and relax and let me reacquaint myself to you (Ohhhh)
It's been awhile since I been around
I hope you ain't forgot my vibe and my sexy style
If you don't ever go nowhere,I won't ever go nowhere
And I will always be right here for you (Uh ohh ohh)

[Chorus - Ashanti] (T.I.)
Tell me, are you sill down for a girl like me (Still down for me?)
Yeah yeah
Cause I don't want to be just another memory (Ay, I'm staying down for you)
Mmm mmm
Tell me, are you still down for a girl like me? (Ay, hey baby, is you staying down or me?)
Cause I don't want to be just another memory (Ay, ay, ay, you staying down for me)

Ay, ay, a,
Long time no see now I'm back on my feet
Comfortable back of the V, right back in the street
Within a matter of weeks, thought they had it for three
I propose, you accepted, now you're married to me
I been missing the kissing and them different positions
Told you my intentions was gold and I'll be home in a minute
And you listened, I did the time and now I'm finally free
And now I can finally see you was down with a G
Ay, ay, ay, come on

Now you know that I won't let you down (No)
Cause I'ma do my best so I can make it right for you
And like nobody else, I'ma give mysef all to you (Ohh)
And please believe that I will always see 
Who you got your eyes on and who got their eyes on you, long as you never go nowhere 
I will never go nowhere and I will always be right here for you (Uh ohh ohh)


Ay, ay, oh, look
I promise I'm the same fella you knew
When they let me out the box, baby I'm headed to you
Just let me know if forever means forever to you
If you choose to move on, hey just tell me the truth
Keep it real with a nigga ma, whatever you do
If your heart and mine is numb, rewind the times
To when blows the limelight before I was rhyming
And we hit the mall spending G's all the time and
You was by my side throughout the grinding and
And you was surprised with minks and shower with diamonds
But you will always be a part of my life
Even if I never get to call you my wife
Just remember who put the bread to the crib down
In the same crib that you and my kids live in now
No matter however you may feel now
Even if you bought it, considered yourself his now
Ay, I'm still down for you


[Outro - T.I. talking]
It's for all my hustlers man, we done had to go and do a lil time, you know
I know that question in the back of your mind yahnamsayin
"Whats goin' on out there, you know, in the free world?" and all but
Remember this pimp, you can't do no time worryin bout whats goin on outside, ya dig?
So handle your business and go on home man
If it's meant to be, she'll be there
And to all my homegirls keepin it pimpin with they G's lockdown man, this for y'all
Ay, I'm still down for you