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Artist: Billy Ocean f/ Mimi, Will Smith
Album:  Greatest Hits
Song:   I Sleep Much Better (In Someone Else's Bed)
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[Billy Ocean]
(Verse 1)
Well, there's a little Don Juan in everyone
Who can't stop lookin', but that ain't wrong
Don't even try to stop a roving eye
Well, there's a hundred pretty women
To every guy
But I

Hook: Billy Ocean
I didn't mean to
I didn't see it
I love my appetite
It's gotta be
You and me
We got it right

[Billy Ocean]
They say a little window shopping don't hurt no one 
I'm only looking, not touching, just having fun

Repeat Hook

Bridge: Billy Ocean
But I'm on my own
What to do
I don't need solitude
I need someone else
That is true
And that someone else has got to be you

[Billy Ocean] I sleep much better
              In someone else's bed
              I sleep much better
              In someone else's bed
              If I can't have you
              Can't have you
              Don't want someone else instead
              I sleep much better
              In someone else's bed
              But I really want you
              Really want you
              Don't want no one else instead
[Women]       And isn't it strange what a man would do
[Billy Ocean] If he can't have you

[Billy Ocean]
If he can't have you, baby

(Verse 2)
Well, there's a little bit of Romeo in every guy
With a runaway model and a twinkle in the eye
Always looking out something sweet
Well, if you look at the candy, but you don't have to eat

Repeat Hook & Bridge

Repeat Chorus

(Rap Verse)
(Fresh Prince in background)
[Fresh Prince] Yo, sweetheart, what's wrong with you?
[Mimi]         What's wrong with me? Let's talk about it (Look)
[Fresh Prince] I told you it was just you
[Mimi]         Hmm, I doubt it
               Who's Shannon?
[Fresh Prince] Oh, that's um...
[Mimi]         And who's Renee?
[Fresh Prince] Was he laughin' when I was at Martin?
[Mimi]         And who's that other girl I saw you with today
[Fresh Prince] Come on baby, those were just some girls I used to play with
               But you're the lady I wanna stay with
[Mimi]         Hey, if you think I'm a sit here, and listen while you run a line
               If only to attract like those concubines
[Fresh Prince] Oh, come on, I'm sorry, I told you that
               Mmm, give me a kiss
[Mimi]         Don't you understand it's hard to deal with this
               You played me part-time (What?)
               Hello, then goodbye (Oh, come on)
               While you run around town like some playboy, some fly guy
[Fresh Prince] Look, I'm a new man, now, the playboy's dead
               Now, how's about we both sleep better in your bed
               Hmm, mmm

Repeat Bridge

Repeat Chorus Til Fade (with ad-lips)