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Artist: Jimmy Cozier f/ Fabolous
Album:  Jimmy Cozier
Song:   She's All I Got (Remix)
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[Fabolous Talkin]
Yeah... Ugh...
F-A, B-O, L-O, U-S, Ugh...
Desert Storm, Jimmy...
Okay.... ladiez...

Ugh, ugh yo...
You just don't know, all I got is you
You wanna pick up the phone, the only one that call the spot is you
Only one that eva withdraw the knot iz you
And walk from spring to fall in the hottest shoe
Itz just two way taggin, datin, sittin in the Jag debatin
Whether to go match or datin
Sometimez relationshipz get aggravatin
Know now itz real, and J know how I feel
Ugh, Cozier... yeah

I wanna tell y'all about my ol' lady
Sometimes, I think she's really crazy
She blacks out, at the drop of a dime
But she's still my baby
She likes to get into confrontations with me
Testin' my patience to see, how far she can go
Before I lose mah head

Chorus [Jimmy]
Sometimes I love her, sometimes I love her not
But I ain't lettin' her go, cuz she's all I got
Although she nags me, and complains a lot
I ain't lettin' her go, no, no, no

The next minute she can be sweet as ever
Grinnin' from ear to ear, that'z why we're together
What could make her change so fast, it'z very confusin
Many times I felt like up and leavin, oh girl
But I'm way too deep in, love with her
As crazy as she is, I want her to have my kids

Repeat Chorus

With her I have grown, with her home is home
I would never turn my back on my baby, I can't do that

If you heard what the F-I did
You woulda left my house on fire like Left-Eye did
I done stuck through the nag and
And pushed from Sedan, to the coupe, to the truck, to the wagon
You gotta have faith and some patience
Stop trippin' mama, you get can the safe combination
It'z nuthin but love, make sho you put nuthin above
F-A, B-O, L-O, U-S, wha

Repeat Chorus til fade