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Artist: Usher f/ Ludacris
Album:  Raymond v. Raymond
Song:   She Don't Know
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[Intro - Usher - talking]
You know every superhero gotta have theme music, right?
(Nigga, this the one ...)
(Usher, Usher)
This how we doin it?
(It's that new Usher)
2010, y'all niggaz catch up, haha

[Break - Usher] - 8X

[Usher - talking over Break]
Yeah man
Bangladesh, U.S.
S. Dot., we don't stop
Yeeeeeah man

[Chorus - Usher]
She don't know that she makin me want her (yeah)
The more she try to keep me from her
She don't know that she makin me love her (yeah)
The more she try to keep me from her (yeah)

The girl is so cold (yeah)
She know what I know (yeah)
But she keep her mouth closed (yeah)
She's so sexual and she knows
She don't, know it's killin me inside 'cause I want her body




[Verse 1 - Ludacris]
Haha, Luda! (get-get-get)
+Get Me Bodied+ like Beyoncé
I beat it up like Bangladesh, Shondrae (hey!)
"Can you smell what I'm cookin?" like The Rock say
Smells like a feast and you lookin like the entrée (bon appétit)
These other women just whore d'oeuvres/hors d'oeuvres
I picked you and that's what's gettin on these whores' nerves (ha!)
'Cause I be at like subpoenas when the court serves
Give me, give me love like Serena when the court serves (woo!)
'Cause she don't know that she got me wanna get frisky
'Cause pinneapple juice with Conjure, got her tipsy (ow!)
And so I order more bottles of that good stuff (yeah)
It's Ludacris, women call me Mr. Good Stuff (yeah)
So I'm a take her to the rooftop, rooftop
Girl's so cold I need a flu shot, flu shot
She said she want me to take her to the shoe shop, shoe shop
And I told her +Keep Her Head Up+, Tupac, Tupac

[Verse 2 - Usher]
Girl I'm gonna make this dilemma the best way that I know how ...
'Cause your killin me with it, your just a problem that I can't put down (down ...)
'Cause every time (every time), you get too far away (too, too, too)
She can tell I got something missing it be all up in my face, yeah

[Break - Usher]
Oh! (oh!)
Yeah, yeah
'Cause she don't know

[Chorus] - w/ ad libs

[Break] - w/ ad libs