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Artist: Mariah Carey f/ Jay-Z, Young Jeezy
Album:  Shake it Off 12"
Song:   Shake it Off (Remix)
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[Intro - Jay-Z (Young Jeezy)]
Uh, uh, uh, uh
H-O-V and M.C. H-O-V Young Jeezy (YEAAHHHH)
H-O-V and M.C. H-O-V Young Jeezy
I know y'all see how it's going down
The best in the business baby
Live from the over Morpheus
Let's Get It!

Ladies and gentleman, it's Hov
Break up is imminent, I know
What's the sense of putting it off 'til tomorrow
Pretending it ain't gonna end, let's roll
Gotta move baby, know it's hella hard
You gotta find your groove baby like Stell-in-a
That ain't you baby, gotta let her do what it do baby
Shed a tear or two but don't get too crazy baby
Why are you behaving like it ain't other fish
In the fish bowl for the disco, nigga let's go
The Emancipation of M-I-M-I, I spray ?Ra-mus? RA, RA
Twenty worldwide nigga get your plaques
Guess who the fuck got his swagger back
Shake 'em all, uh, shake 'em all, uh
G4's and all we take off, uh we flawless mister
I'm the boss, El Presidente, caliente
Call me the other dog, so fuck all y'all
The boy is back along with the voice is back
M.C., shake 'em off

[Mariah Carey - Verse One]
(Shake it off)
By the time you get this message, it's gonna be too late
So don't bother paging me, 'cause I'll be on my way
See I grabbed all my diamonds and clothes
Just ask your momma she knows
You're gonna miss me baby, hate to say I told you soooo
Well at first I didn't know, but now it's clear to me
You would cheat with all your freaks and lie compulsively
So I packed up my Louis Vuitton
Jumped in your ride and took off
You'll never ever find a girl, who loves you more than me

I gotta shake it offfff - 'cause the loving ain't the same
And you keep on playing games like you know I'm here to stay
I gotta sh-shake it offfff - just like the Calgon commercial, I -
really gotta get, up outta here, and go somewhere
I gotta shake it offff - gotta make that move
Find somebody who, appreciates all the love I give
Boy, I gotta sh-shake it offff - gotta do what's best for me
Baby and that means I gotta - shake it offfff

[Hook 4X]
I gotta - shake, shake, shake, shake, shake it off

[Young Jeezy overlaps]
Yeah, y'all ready know what it is man!
A-Town's finest! What's crackin', M.C.?
Young Hov, what's good baby? Eh-eh
Let's Get It

[Young Jeezy (with his adlibs)]
Make me imagine that
Fo' real playgirl like I'm having that
Bronze on my tip can't shake 'em off
Take her to the crib then I break 'em off
????? on my team cause she know that I'm a winner
Drink Cris out the bottle, eat Popeyes for dinner
Left the coupe at the crib, scooped her up in the Chevy
Got the top down and the bass beatin' heavy
See he-he spoils you me I ignore ya
Sh-shake ya off, don't answer ya phone calls
You say I'm trippin' but me I call it tough love
So tell your friends you're in love with a straight thug
???? What's happening with you honey
Young Snowman chase nothing but some money

[Mariah Carey]
I found out about a gang of your dirty little deeds
With this one and that one by the pool, on the beach, in the streets
Heard y'all was...Hold up my phone's breakin' up
I'ma hang up and call the machine right back
(I gotta get this offa my mind)
You wasn't worth my time, so I'm leaving you behind...
Cause I need a real love in my life
Save this recording because, I'm never coming back home
..Baby I'm gone
Don't cha know

[Chorus and Bridge]