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Artist: Tiffany Villareal f/ Raekwon
Album:  Tiffany Villareal
Song:   Rewind the Time
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: Raekwon]
Yo, it's me man, word up, yo

Who would of thought you would of slid
Half a million dollar crib, the future mother of my kid
Yo, you like queen bee and seen with a don
Yo, I never meant to do you wrong, never meant to hurt you, pa
It's my apology, probably don't accept it, do you
For them wicked minds, just let 'em know that Chef loves you
Think I'm cheatin' while I'm workin'
Understand this, this what I gotta do it, ma, my weight's worth it

[Tiffany Villareal]
Lately I've tried to pretend like there's nothin' wrong
See I've been, holdin' back these feelings so very long
Why is it this, fallin' apart?
Why can't we say that it's over, cuz baby it ain't the same

[Hook: Tiffany Villareal]
I, wish I could rewind the time
Back to the day I fell in love with you
It's something bout those happy days
I play back in my mind, oh, a thousand times
I remember when the love was true, oh
And I just can't take it any longer, but I loved you

[Chorus 2X: Tiffany Villareal]
Remember, I loved you, oh baby, I loved you
I wish I could rewind the time
To the day that, I loved you, oh baby, I loved you
I wish I could rewind the time

[Tiffany Villareal]
Strangely my love has just drained up and gone away
But yet I'm, cryin' for you, winin' for you, every day
Why is this, change in my heart
Why can't we say that it's over, cuz baby, it ain't the same


[Chorus 2X]

[Bridge: Tiffany Villareal]
Do, you, ever think about the way
That we were so in love
Yes we were, but things have changed (my feelings have changed)
But I can't seem to let you go, oh no

Yo, just take a second and think, where would I be without you
Where would you be without me, type confusin', ain't it?
Paint a perfect picture, due to my occupation
Challenge the God, with false accusations
Your blow crushin' friends feedin' you lies
Tryin' to control us, they be misleading your mind
Reminiscin', say rewindin' the time, when my queen was refined
Play it back like a scene in my mind
Understand, yo, I'm workin' for us
Never knew you was home stressed, missin' my touch
I still want you, promise you, this time around, I'mma flaunt you
On tour, you can cop a flight if you want you
Let's bring it back, if it's over, I'll accept it and walk
If not, let's correct it and talk
Yo, we grown, so let's put away these negative thoughts
Yo, it's Chef signin' off, and forever get yours

[Tiffany Villareal]
Your love is all that I've even known, oh baby
I wish I could rewind the time, oh, oh
Oh, oh, whoa, no one loved you, like I loved you
No one loved you, like I loved you
No one loved you, oh no no no no no, no, rewind the time

[Chorus to end]