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Artist: Ray J f/ Styles P
Album:  All I Feel
Song:   Real Nigga
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Uhh, that's right uhh
Uhh, that's right
I'm a (real nigga) {*6X*}
Dope dealer

[Ray J]
Probably catch me up in the club with some bad bitches
I remember nights when I didn't, have bitches
I remember days when I didn't, have riches
That's why I'm in the club now champagne spillin
I'm in the club now, I'm a big spender
Ice on my neck and diamonds on my suspenders, I'm no beginner
My ex-girl, she keep callin me trippin
But I keep tryin to tell her that I'ma stay pimpin
I bought a cream Bentley, black Lamborghini
Three or fo' houses, 15 hemi's

[Chorus: Ray J]
I'm a boss pret' ladyyyyy
You wanna roll with them dollar signs babyyyyy
(I'm a) real nigga, (I'm a) real nigga
(I'm a) real nigga, (I'm a) real nigga
(I'm a) real nigga, (I'm a) real nigga
Real nigga, yeahhhh
(I'm a) real nigga, (I'm a) real nigga - smoke some weed
(I'm a) real nigga, (I'm a) real nigga - work all day
(I'm a) real nigga, (I'm a) real nigga - fuck all night
Real nigga, yeahhhh

[Styles P]
Styles P, Ray J
You know what it is, D Block

Used to play the hill and have a dream of the house
That's the house on the hill, count up the mil' on the couch, ouch
Kinda hurt to do dirt, but it work, look at the stash now
(Look at it) Three rooms filled with cash now
Did dope deals, did coke deals
Hundred dollar bills trick, tell me how the smoke feel (how it feel?)
Used to be hand-me-downs and no frills
I'm a real nigga, know I keep it so trill (so trill)
I'm on the grind like the blender is
Work where the fender is, don't know what pretendin is
Real niggaz do real things
Better act like you know it, find out the agenda miss


[Ray J]
I'm in my condo downtown
With a girl that I flew in from out of town
Drop the top, now we cruisin around town
1 o'clock we hit the club and go shut it down
See I don't wanna make you feel like you're a rebound
But girl I'll fly you in and fly you right back out of town
You flyin OUT, while another girl's flyin in
At 9 o'clock, the pimpin begins again (I'm pimpin baby!)

[Styles P]
Real nigga, real jiggy, bossy baby (boss)
Bright red CL, call it saucy 'cedes
Handguns everywhere (everywhere) in case niggaz get on me
I bet I get 'em off me baby
I'm awfully crazy (crazy)
You in the presence of a gangsta like me, you just forced to pay me
You know?


The game won't change
The game won't change