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Artist: Mona Lisa f/ The L.O.X.
Album:  11/20/79
Song:   I Just Wanna Please You
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How these cats ain't pleased and they never owned a thing
Lisa, with the Visa, Mona thing
Uptown's first lady, with the cheddar in the purse baby
make you bounce 'till it hurts baby
Jewels you can love and hold, don't confuse it
Mona's only here to please you with the music
Want here but you can't have her, we gon' riot if they try to grab her
she's to young to be handled

[Sheek Luchion]
How I'd please you, if I the chance to boo
Sixteen or not I only dream about romancin' you
You see me with the LOX uptown on Yonkers blocks
now I pay dough to see you blow it up in the spots
Me and you boo, no champagne we be drinkin' Yoo-hoo
take a trip to Grade A, and chill with the whole crew
You know how Luch' do, spendin' ain't nothin'
after we can take the LOX yacht on the Hudson

[Mona Lisa]
I see that look in your eyes, it's makin' me weak
and every time that you smile, I can't even speak
Don't want these feelings to change, they'll always be true
I want forever with me and with you (Ooooh-ooooh)


Lovin' you is all that I do (All I can do)
No matter the time, always on my mind
Whatever you want, whatever you need
This love is for you, I just wanna please, oh baby

[Mona Lisa]
How can I show you my love, just what I can do
how can I prove you're the one, it's all about you
So if it's holdin' you tight, or touchin' your hand
just let me know 'cause your wish is my command


How can it be, why don't you see
'Cause boy you should know you're a part of me, the heart of me
No one, can take your place

Chorus (2X):

You don't wanna come in contact, with the big things we hold
R & B, illmatic, sixteen year old
Jadakiss, and honeys wanna serve me grapes
'cause they see me in the GS with Jersey plates
But I'm never home, I'm like a flip phone on roam
me and Mona, tryin' to cop a brownstone
Daddy, everything I write be tight
all I need is the hype, to cop up the Vipe
Or the CV-R, with the loud pipe
comin' down 8th, liftin' it, get it right
Even though it's all about G's
all I wanna do is please, every now and then you get the keys
Come on now tell me how real do it get
you drivin' my whip with a learners permit
The same little chick from across the street
remember me, sittin' on the steps you used to sweep
You was singin' I was rappin'
no we both makin' it happen, and I hope you go platinum

Outro: Mona 

I'll give it all to you my baby
What ever you want baby, whatever you need baby