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Artist: Dave Hollister f/ Too $hort
Album:  Ghetto Hymns
Song:   Came in the Door Pimpin'
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Yo, Jazze Pha, can't fade
Def Squad, noontime (yeah)
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah (wassup)
We gon' do this thing a little ghetto
Check it
Shall I drop it right here?
Check it

Came through with the top down, chillin'
Got outta my whip, not trippin'
Baby walked up to me
Tightest thing you ever wanna see
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh

Shorty lookin' kinda right
Satisfy my appetite, mmm
Baby you know my steelo
Gotta get wit you on the D-Low

1 - I came in the door pimpin'
    Handlin' strictly business
    Nothin' personal baby
    Ain't tryin' to be shady
    That's just the way it goes

Repeat 1

Now I'm not tryin' to be on my own dick
But I fell off in the club lookin' so slick
Was lookin' for something nice and chocolate
Didn't wanna have to come up out my pocket
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh

The shorties in here kinda right
Satisfy my appetite, yeah
But they know my steelo
Gotta get wit 'em on the D-Low
There's a place I'd like to take you
Where big pimps and hustlas kick it
We'd just lay back, mackadocious
Roll your dice and get your cheese

Now the meaning of the song
Is baby, if you're 'bout it, get it on
From the late night 'til the break of dawn
I'mma still get my pimp on

Repeat 1
Repeat 1

[Too $hort]
Bitch! That's right, pimpin' hoes
Too $hort baby, slammin' Caddillac doors
I been a mack half my life
If I wanna have your wife, it won't take me too much
I'mma make it last all night
When you're dealin' with my type
Don't get caught up in the hype
I be takin' all your bitch money
And you know that just ain't right
'Cause you brought her to the club
But you didn't leave with her
Tryin' to figure how a playa like $hort Dawg could get her
Somebody had to do it
She didn't really love you
Another pimp got your ho and you don't know what to do

Repeat 1 w/ad-libs to fade