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Artist: Ray Lavender f/ Fabolous, Red Cafe
Album:  My Girl Gotta Girlfriend (Promo CD Single)
Song:   My Girl Gotta Girlfriend (Remix)
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[Fabolous] Lo-so
[Red Cafe] Iz-r
[Fabolous] I ain't trippin'
        I mean, who don't wanna kill two birds with one stone?

[Rap Verse 1: Fabolous]
My girl gotta girlfriend
Yeah, I said a girlfriend
Not the Tracy Ellis, Goldie Brooks-type of girlfriend
Though she was my girl's friend
Herl, Laverne and Cheryl's friend
Til this one night, I pulled up on the girls when
They was in my girl Benz's
Kissin' on my girl's skin
Knew this ain't the first time when I saw these girls grin
I ain't even trippin' on the girl-liking-girl trend
As long as when it's going down, you gone bring your girl in

[Ray Lavender]
(Verse 1)
I just got off of work
It's 1:30
I'm kinda hungry, cause I know my girl lonely
Going back to my crib
It's kinda early
Surprised my girl because I know she waitin'
I open the front door
I hear moanin'
For real somebody, I'm fin'in kill somebody
Then I get closer
I hear groanin'
Bustin' the door and seen my girl with a chick
That's when I know that

Chorus: Ray Lavender
My girl gotta girlfriend
I just found out, but it's aight
Long as I can be with her too
My girl gotta girlfriend
It really is not a problem
Cause I'm a make it do what it do
Cause having two chicks, is better than no chicks
I rather just join in, keep my girl and keep the other one too
My girl gotta girlfriend
It really is not a problem
Cause I'm a make it do what it do

(Verse 2)
Do you know your problem, shawty?
Could've told me
That you was sleeping with a chick
I thought we was better, shawty (How the hell you gon' be leaving me out?)
You so stingy
While you was kissing on it (I cut behind her, driven, diggin' me out)
I thought you were right, girl, but I'm so cool with it
Both of y'all in my bed, and watch what I do to it
Girl, I'm a fool with it
I'm a fool with it
So slide over for me, shawty, let me show you how a player get
Down (Uh)
Cause girl, I'm 'bout to give you both the business
Beat it up until you say you finished
Then off to the other one
Got 'em bustin' like a gun
So I don't really care that

Repeat Chorus

(Rap Verse 2)
[Red Cafe]
My girl gotta girlfriend (Yes!)
I think they swervin' (Yes!)
I think they undercover lover slash girlfriends (Yes!)
I went to mergin' (I)
Just want my turn and (I)
Just wanna see what my girlfriend is learnin'
You, me and her is better than you and her
I'll be doing you while you be doing her
It'll be beautiful though you was who I prefer
See what I do for you
I won't talk to her
What else?

They say one is so close to none
It's twice as nice, so I know most I've done
Three the hard way ain't grow close to hon
With that quick tongue, that's so close to Pun
But that's a new girlfriend
I got two girlfriends
Both call me "Daddy" so it's like I got two girl twins
The girlfriend does a few thing she wants
And I work on doing two things at once

Repeat Chorus

[Ray Lavender]
Uh huh
Uh huh
Uh huh
Uh huh
Uh huh
Uh huh
Uh huh
Uh huh