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Artist: Joss Stone f/ Lauryn Hill
Album:  Introducing...Joss Stone
Song:   Music
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Um-hm, um-hm, yeahh...

[Joss Stone - Verse 1ne]
Nothing in this world, got me like you do baby
I'd give up my soul, if I could sing with you daily
I'm not the only girl, in love with you, it's crazy
I appreciate your groove, now I know I owe everything to you

Music - I'm so in love with my 
Music - the way you keep me
Movin - Ain't nobody doing what you're 
Doing, Doing, doing
So bring me back to the day when tape decks press play
DJ drop the needle 'til the record just break
You are my sunlight, you are the one mic
That sounds so sweeer 'cause the beat just inspires me, oh

[Joss Stone - Verse 2wo]
No limit to your mind, your endless love is open
To every race and kind, could it be your blood runs golden?
Baby, If This World Were Mine
We would be singing in the Key of Life
When you're gone I can't survive
'Cause I just can't be without my...


[Lauryn Hill - Rap Verse]
Colors of sounds, scales of beauty
Audio scenery, electric love, and rhythmic symmetry
Written in memory, beautifully crafted scenery
Complex or simplicity, sonic energy
Piercing insensitivity
Sympathetic poetry, for some even identity
Collective entity, something to belong to
A source of energy, the possibilities
Wave lengths and bandwidths
Higher vibration, energizing entire lands with
Something to stand with or stand for..
Lovers to walk hand and hand with, then plan for
Sanctuary chords, harmony, melodies even riffs can be 
Disguised human essence sonically bottled ecstasy or melancholy
Agony blues angst, exercising anxieties
Fueling entire societies, making economies
Stimulating generating, inspiration synonymously
Entertaining expression, intangible invisible but undeniable
Plays the language of excitement on surv-i-val
Some call it tr-i-bal, but perspective is everything
Connected to everything, some say collectively everything

[Chorus w/ ad-libs]