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Artist: Kelis f/ Pharrell, Pusha T
Album:  Milkshake (Remix) 12"
Song:   Milkshake (Remix)
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First you make sure you've got two cups
Just in case, hmm, he shows up
Make sure they're ice cream filled
But you cant forget about the milk

[Pharrell - Verse 1]
Yeah nigga, see me in the air nigga
Learjet then I'm there nigga
A 'G' somethin and I'm coastin
Hit a bird out the sky see him closin to the ocean
Yeah nigga, I wear Billion Eight, not Air nigga
It's like five hundred for a pair nigga
Whatchu fallin out your chair nigga? Dont stare nigga
Yeah nigga, niggaz' act so phony
See me rockin my roley, you wanna call the police
I skateboard nigga, you dont know me, ho please
Ima show you more beats, more fees, more keys, more vis
BBC, wait a minute, more cheese
More Pouncey's flyin overseas
I told you I'm in the air nigga, hmm, yeah nigga
You see what's in my ear nigga?
Quarter million for the pair nigga
Dont ask about this here nigga
Cuz a ring's somethin you dont wanna hear nigga
See you scared niggaz, whatchu dare nigga?
I pay Liberace fair nigga, so yellow so rare nigga
So there nigga, hmm, yeah nigga

[Kelis - Chorus x2]
My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard
And there like "It's better than yours"
Damn rite, it's better than yours
I could teach you, but I have to charge

Everybody wanna know about who I touch
My reputation and who I fuck
Some of yall think I squeezed by with luck
But that aint stop, that's from buyin that new Porshe truck
Yeah, I said Nas, yall sick of SARS
Got the big house, cars, and garage
Im kinda into Cosabella bras
Im kinda into Vicky's secret draws
Yeah, Vicky's secret if you can keep it 
If you dont leak it, maybe you can eat it
Fendi bags, Prada lenses, LV Trunk, boo I'm expensive
My girls know who I be (True) my girls like VIP (True)
And they like Hpno-I-C (Que) And they aint tryin to show you ID (True)
Lookin like a queen from Karnival 
Niggaz try to talk to me on the low
I aint really catchin cuz I'm on slow
And tryin not to scratch my Mano-lo
Blahnik, used to smoke chronic
Now show me blunts, I might just vomit
All you little niggaz, thanks for the comments
Cuz now it's fifity G's for Kelis to be on it


La-la la la la
My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard
La-la la la la
Hey-hey hey hey hey
La-la la la la
Damn rite it's better than yours
This is the remix

[Pusha T - Verse 3]
Hmm, flows on top of flows
Two hundred karats in my B-Boy pose
Cool Whip, the ice cream rake em in O's
My milkshake sell much better than yours
Keep my bitch in that juicy ga-tor
Sweats over the Louis's and they draggin the floor
Lemme tell how to mack a whore
Show that bitch lacroy then take her back to poor, hmm
Yeah, I'm big wheelin, seen that B, with the mesh grillin?
How it stretch from the seat to the ceilin?
Black on black playin a villan, lap full of stainless steel-in
Hmm, yeah, imagine the feelin, drop Lord Willin' sold a million
The first woulda been GT from dope dealin, top billin
Audio too, heard ya flows now it's time for school, check it
Hmm, dont let my Rollsy change thru ya 
Nothin bout Pusha tool up, it's just Jacob's my jeweler
Like to keep me cooler, keep heat in Philly like Slick Rick the Ruler
Young rappers act like yall know, 0-4 is mine with the rhyme fa sho
Quarter million sellin out the door
Kelis two million stand on that so-pho-more, Clipse!

[Chorus x4]