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Artist: Avant f/ Bone Thugs-N-Harmony
Album:  Makin' Good Love (Remix) 12"
Song:   Makin' Good Love (Remix)
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I'm doin' this for all my ladies
I know you thinkin', yo, it sound a lullaby, right?
Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, A-V, we so sick
We about to do this REMIX
Radio play this

[Verse 1: Krayzie Bone]
The highway and it's Friday, in my big truck
Tryin' to get home to you
Stop and get a bottle to pop
I'll be lovin' the night time
When we do what we do
Best part of my day
Is when we rollin' it up 
And we blowin' and we zonin'
Feelin' the buzz, plus the love
Up til early in the morning
Bone comes (That's right)
Let's go have some fun
In the bedroom
All day (All day)
And all of the night
I been workin'
Now, daddy comin' home, and I'm lookin' for a little bit of action
I be comin' through, you wanna do that thang
Let me bless you with thug passion

Chorus: Avant
Girl, when
We, make (I keep the pain comin')
Love all night, I mean
We, make good (We do the same good loving)
Love all night, when
We, make (I keep the pain comin')
Love all night
We really make love (We do the same good loving)

Repeat Chorus

[Verse 2: Wish Bone]
On the way to my honnies
Leaving the club, and I'm off that Henny baby
Hope a [{*nigga*}] understand that a [{*nigga*}]
Got a plan, and I really gotta see this lady
Charter plane in Cleveland, hit up my thugs, let 'em know I'm leaving
Four hours
Windows tinted
Cause you know
How these [{*hoes*}] be creepin'
We off
And it's gonna get freaky, this weekend, off in my house
And I'm real
Just hold it steady, I bet ya I break you off
Yes, miss lady
And you know a [{*nigga*}] keep it thug, so it might get it rough, I'm sorry
But don't you know, you do what you do
When you drop that dress with that body
My God!

Repeat Chorus Twice

(Verse 3)
[Layzie Bone]
Baby, we did
Our thang, off in the shower, had me goin' a whole hour
Thought I was scared like I was a coward
When you hit the streets and you felt this power
Of the thang I swang, thangs won't change, and I need that lovin'
Baby, that baby you got in the oven
All I need is kissin' and huggin'
All of the drama you can keep it, ain't no secret
It's revealed
Walk the walk, girl, go on and shake that sex appeal
I'm still here, always gon' be here, never gon' leave
Wanna get down with Steve, and you my boo, oooh, wee

[Bizzy Bone]
Cum at the same
Time, with you, with you, whet you
Wetter, wetter, thick up inside
You gristle {*groan*}
That's eight and a half to nine
And ya gushy like Niagara
Feeling my split ends
Amazed, cause I'm in between your thighs, lickin'
And other people, they be fightin'
And I rap fast
So what you think I'm fin'na do with that [{*ass*}]
One hundred and fifty five, seventy one thousand got you paralyzed
Though she's flabbergasted, and I'm Duracell
And others, they just don't last (Going and going and going)
Zip in the vehicle with the homeboy Avant
Let's mash, Cleveland, come/cum back

(Bizzy Bone in background)
[Avant]      If it's the house
             In the boat (Come in the (???) that, there)
             In the Jeep, babe (Up in the backseat, yeah)
             In the top (Sippin' that bubbly)
             In the pool
             Or the beach, babe
             Get your groove on (Gotta get your groove on)
[Bizzy Bone] Gotta get your groove on
[Avant]      Get your groove on
[Bizzy Bone] I'm a make good love here, baby

Repeat Bridge

Repeat Chorus Twice

And I love the way you feel
Girl, I love ya
Throw it on the floor
Girl, I love ya
Throw it on the couch