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Artist: Amerie f/ Nas
Album:  Touch
Song:   Man Up *
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

* available only on the European edition of "Touch"

[Intro: Amerie] + (Nas)
(Nas, Amerie, get 'em 'lil sis)
It's over, it's over, it's over

What the hell do you want from me?
Why don't you leave me alone?
It's been a done deal for you for a minute
So you need to get alone
What's the problem?
Why is this so difficult for you to see?
That I don't want you no more
If I were you I'd be embarrassed for the way it carried on

You's a grown ass man dawg
You can't even stand on you own two feet
Now you're looking my way
It's too late 'cause you messed it up with me
You need to change your tone
And get your swagger going
You gotta hold your own
So don't call my phone
'Cause you ain't gotta home with me no more
Get it out of your head baby
It's over, yes it's the end (It's the end)
No matter what you try to do
We will never be again
I tried to be patient but I can't take it
Get a hold of yourself (Get a hold of yourself)
It'll never be you again understand it'll be someone else

This is the last time for this conversation
(Can't do it) Your excuses are so amazing
(Been through it) I know you're trying to change my mind
But you know you're only wasting my time
Why do we got to go through this?
I'm (I'm) sick of the BS I'm done
So you'll never (never) get this again

Ayo Ama-Ama-Amerie
No need for anger, he a 'lil boy
just give him the middle finger
Call your big brother, fifth slugger, wig plugger
He gon' get enough of dialing up your number
Coward!, this homey got her twat pushed outward
Chicks with dicks don't belong in your mix
Long as you're straight, laying back in the quarter aches
Stephany's and zeppy's, repping D.C., your state
N.Y.C. my place, Nas relate, fly estates
Fine wines and diamonds, crème brûlée on the plate
And y'all girls relate, so put your hands up
And what, tell that motherfucker to man up

[Chorus] - 2X