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Artist: Mary J. Blige f/ Foxy Brown
Album:  I Can Love You (single)
Song:   Love Is All We Need (remix)

Verse One: Foxy Brown, Mary J. Blige

Trackmasters, commisioner
You say you keep me laced in everything, baguettes his and her
Matchin' E-class, twin chincilla furs
Everything was real until he slipped the swerve, swore the love was real
Then he bounced with hers, kept me off speed
Blessed me backwards, made my heart bleed
Killed me softly, he don't know how much he cost me
If the love is all we need, a real queen will survive
Now peep the remix with Fox and J Blige

I've got to let you know
That this is the only way (let 'em know)
Troubles far and near but have no fear
Cause love is always on the way

Love is all we need 
To make every little thing complete

Verse Two: Mary J. Blige

If you don't know then I'm telling you
It works with everything you do
Problems everyday but we'll find a way
Cause love is going to save the day (come on)

(repeat chorus)

Do you know what we really need
Do you know that love is going to set us free (set us free [yeah])
That is you and me (come on)
Do you think we can live this way (ya'll better know)
Cause I know love is going to save the day
In every way


Love is all we need to make everything better
(love is all we need, love is all we need)
It's the only way to live together
(repeat bridge2)


Love is all we need (J Blige come on)