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Artist: Amy Winehouse f/ Nas
Album:  Lioness: Hidden Treasures
Song:   Like Smoke
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[Chorus: Amy Winehouse]
I never wanted you to be my man
I just need your company
Don't want to get dependent on
Your time or who you spend it on
Or lose the way you love me
Like smoke, I hang around and be your balance
Whoa ohhh, whoa-ooooh

It's not a movie, this is not a script to proofread
I spit some untruths to dumb fools and groupies
Tryna punctuate pronounciate the funds I make, amounts to take
Put in your face, oh my mistake you're not a floozy? Oh excuse me... 
Before I talk my style, introduce me 
Get your name and phone number like one two three
Y'all know the story, y'all know the commentary
I kick the narrative, this is legendary
The Good Samaritan, hood thespian like a polygamist
with a twist; will I marry again? Maybe I guess
I hold a lady interest I just met 
the love scholar, she the teacher's pet
Every other eve we'd meet and make each other sweat
I feel triumphant, no strings, just a fling to have fun with
I be out in London, Camden, huntin for the answers 
Why did God take away the homie? I can't stand it
I'm a firm believer that we all meet up in eternity
Just hope the Big Man show me some courtesy
Why? Cause I'm deemed a heartbreaker
Like smoke, girls linger 'round a playa, yea-uh
Yeah yeah


Yo, this recession is a test, it's affectin my complexion
Misdirecting my affection, my concerns of bill collections
The facts is the taxes, they after me, Chapter 3
My property, my handlers, they dealt with me improperly
I say some things I should probably keep privately
Evaluate the World Bank trust like I'm IEG
This fly sweet semi-bourgeoisie tall freak 
She wouldn't protest with me at Wall Street
She says, "No, you're so deep" I said, "No, let's go through it"
Historically so ruthless, feds came for Joe Lewis
She said, "My man, you need to laugh sometime"
Classifies me as a bore, I told her have some wine
You colder than penguin pussy at her dismay
She's thinkin that's just so silly to say
But if you really think about it hussy
See a penguin, he drags his ass on the ground all day
and it's a drag and it's a bust that you're in tune with just lust
I'm through with you after I crush, so is that humorous enough?? 
The smoke I puff, tell a car to go to 
Aura Funky Buddah Whiskey Mist on Mayfair
I hope I meet some Monie Loves so she can show me love
NYC to UK, I might stay there
Everybody in the club tonight say yeah
You know how me and Amy are, straight players

[Amy Winehouse]
Ohhh, whoa-ohhh, whoaaa, ohh-ohhhhh