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Artist: Mechalie Jamison
Album:  I Got The Hook-Up!
Song:   Keep It Real
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( Chorus )
All I really wanna do is keep it real, keep it real
keep it real, keep it real with you
All you really got to do is keep it real
keep it real, keep it real keep it real with me (x2)

Girl how could you trip on a brother like me
I paid your rent,I bought you food and gave you money to spend
And I'm not the type to throw shit back in your face 
But I paved the way for a brighter day when you had nowhere to stay
And it's kinda sad when your tryin to feel bad
over something you never had 
Keep playing games things ain't the same I think your with another man

chorus (x2)

I can remember back in 93'
I was clocking G's, you was sweating me Ohh I had plenty money
Sex every night we used to flex in the sand 
Sayin I'm the man six times to plan and I don't understand 
I can't wait in line to get my thing with you never had no time
For a brother like me no one can steal you from

chorus (x2)

Suddenly I wake up in the morning find myself alone 
Can't do nothin but think about you baby so what else to do
Being in love, being in love, being in love, being in love baby

( chorus until end )