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Artist: Carl Thomas f/ L.L. Cool J, Puff Daddy
Album:  I Wish 12"
Song:   I Wish (Remix)
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[LL Cool J](Puffy)
Its gonna be a hot summer baby
(This is the remix)
Know what I'm saying sugar
(Carl Thomas, yeah uncle L)
(Let's go)

When it's love at first sight
It's all right to get caught up in the hype
You got me staring at the ceiling late at night
I got you calling up your girls for insight
That's ai-ight cause I blazed it just right
You got a man so I can't leave marks when I bite
Can't go to your crib and conversate late at night
But I know you think of me when he's holding you tight
Wish I was there baby

[Carl Thomas]
It was love at first sight
I know from the way she looked at me
Her eyes said it all
Long days and nights, we spent
Until she dropped the bomb on me
When she said that she
Was unhappily married with children

1 - 	And I wish I never met her at all
	Even though I love her so
	But she got love for me
	But she still belongs to someone else

It hurts so bad, for sure
Because she wants to be with me
But she cannot be with me
She chose to stay-hey at home
So they could be a family
For the children
But what about me?

Repeat 1

Maybe in another life
Things could be the way
We both desired
It's a catch-22
Even when you win, someone had to lose

Repeat 1

[LL Cool J] (Puffy)
(Yeah, yeah, yeah)
I wanna snatch you from your man
(That's right)
If need be, throw some ice up on your hand
(Come on)
Anybody that's human will understand
No disrespect baby it's God's plan
Your man's cool with me
But I must take what's rightfully mine
Even if it means I gotta cross the line
Even if it means I got to take my time
(Take your time)
And send some chicks at him and disrupt his mind
But whether he true or not
You still hot
(Still hot)
At three in the morning you sit staring at the clock
(Come on)
Making up reasons to ride through my block
I wish he'd disappear, I wish that you'd stop
I wish that we could shop with our shorties in the drop
Cruise the clear waters in a wine colored yacht
(I like that)
The sun rays sparkle off your skin, so hot
(Come on)
It gets no better than this, we on top

[Carl Thomas] (Puffy)
Met her
At all, at all
Even though I love her so
She's got love for me, oh
(Carl Thomas, Emotions)
But she still belongs to someone else
(Bad Boy you know the name)
(Sing the song)
I wish, I wish I never met her at all, oh, oh
I wouldn't hurt so much inside
Oh she still belongs to someone else
Oh I wouldn't feel this pain
Met her at all
If I never met her at all, at all, at all
Oh yeah, oh yeah
She still belongs to someone else
(Uh yeah, uh yeah)