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Artist: Usher f/ Jadakiss
Album:  8701
Song:   I Can't Let You Go
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Yo I'm sick of this man
I can't even take no more
Cause I hate the fact that I love you so much
And you know what I'm saying
You don't even understand what this is doin' to me
Everytime I try to get away
I just can't let you go
You know what I'm saying I just can't let you go

[Verse One]
I never ever wanna hurt you
I just wanna love ya
I just wanna sex you up
I wanna give you everything you need-thing you want
Just lay down and let me love ya all night long
It was beautiful when we first started
I don't wanna leave you
I just wanna keep you
When they saw me they saw you
Damn the world-its just me and my girl
Thats how I felt
Everytime I thought it was right-it went left

We used to laugh and party
But now all we do is argue
What happened to all the good times
I tell myself that I don't want you no more
But I can't let you go
You see I can't let you go
So much love and hurt and hate
People screamin' it won't work
I'm sick of this shit man
Time and time I say I'm gonna leave
But I can't let you go
See what I'm sayin'
But I can't let you go

Now you wanna be real insensitive and try to act kinda funny
You know what man you aint even gotta wait til' the morning man
You can get out of here tonight
Hey yo Glen come grab her shit and get her outta here

You aint even gotta like me
But you're not gonna fight me
You can't walk away and say
I never gave you everything want-thing ya need
All we do is argue all night long
I don't wanna leave ya
See ya with another brother lovin' ya
Sayin' the damn the world I
It's me and my girl
Its how I feel when you think everything is real
But it really ain't

[Chorus 2x]

Got me-walkin' around read to snap
Got me-walkin' around lookin' for somebody to slap
Got me-Goin' wit no pause
Got me up in the cardiac evereyday just 'cause
Got me arguing about lil'stuff
It get a little rough we kiss and make up
She wanna sat what she wanna
I don't play that
She wanna constantly bring up shit from way back
Got me thinkin' 'bout her while I'm watchin' a flick
Got me dippin' through traffic tryin' to get homw quick
Got me talkin' to myself I'm hatin' this
Got me wantin' to wild out like I'm Jadakiss
Got me in a place I never thought I would see
Got me not wantin' to stay not wantin' to leave
Got me happy got me confused
Got me wishin' I could get it how I used to

[Chorus 2x]