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Artist: Syleena Johnson f/ R. Kelly, Fabolous
Album:  Hypnotic
Song:   Hypnotic
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[Intro - R. Kelly - talking]
Uh, uh, uh, y'all know what this is
Uh, so bob your heads
Yeah, ladies it's your boyfriend
And uh, Miss Johnson
Yeah, (woo) we mixin drinks right now y'all

[Syleena Johnson]
Your love is so..

[Verse 1 - R. Kelly]
I step up in the spot and all the heads turn (turn ...)
Pulled up in the green apple Beamer
Your boy so hot, the club it might burn (burn ...)
Fresh linen suit, walkin with Nina
Like brass knuckles on my fist, ain't it mayn?
Like sun shinin on my wrist, ain't it mayn?
I'm like a pimp with a twist, Hypnotiq with the Cris'
Fuck with models with the hips, what's the name?
Canary yellow ice came with the change, it's like
Money, cars, and clothes came with the fame, just like
Big pimpin y'all drew all of these hoes, just like
That's why I'm in the club poppin all of these bottles tonight

[Verse 2 - Syleena Johnson]
Boy you got that crazy magic formula
And I can't shake it babe
Just wanna drink it babe
And I stay hungry for your love
It keep me wanting babe
Wanna eat it up, tell me what

[Break - Syleena Johnson]
(What is this?), oh
(That so addictive)
That so addictive that I, (lose control)
It feels so good I had to ask the question (what is this?)
What is this? That got (that's got me feeling)
Got me feeling (can't seem to let go)
Oh baby your love is so (your love is so)

[Chorus - Syleena Johnson]
Hypnotic, hypnotic, hypnotic (hypnotic), hypnotic
hypnotic, so hypnotic
Your love is so
Hypnotic, hypnotic, hypnotic, (hypnotic), hypnotic
hypnotic, so hypnotic (so hypnotic)
Your love is so (your love is so)

[Verse 3 - Syleena Johnson]
Can't seem to run, can't seem to hide (can't seem to hide)
Cause your love keeps finding me
It's that chemistry, between us
Ew boy your all I felt inside (ohhh)
And I loving every moment (oh)
So why you had to go on and blow my mind?

[Break - Syleena Johnson]
(What is this?)
What is this? That sooo addictive (that so addictive)
It feels so good that I (feels so good)
Had to ask myself, oh why
(What is this?)
What is this?
(That's got me feindin), that's got me feindin
Oh I can't seem to let go (can't seem to let go)
Oh boy cause your love is so (your love is so)

[Chorus] - w/ ad libs

[Fabolous - talking behind Chorus]
Young money on the floor
My connection to the Chi
What it is? Yeah

[Verse 4 - Fabolous]
I roll through the block and the roof be low (low...)
And the 22's couldn't be cleaner
They start yellin out F-A-B-O
It's the young boy with Syleena
They lookin with a flashlight in the daytime
Cause the cash right and the words may rhyme
Some say I'm, the "Real Talk" of the city, of New York (yeah)
It's the diddy and the walk (yeah)
And the smooth in my style
I groove with a smile, 'til they groove in the trial
Gotta move with the Cal
.40 that it is, shorty is his
When she see how icy the Ottoman is
The game is hypnotic, somethin like the blue drink
You see me on the hood, frontin with the blue minks
Stuntin with the new link (yeah)
Your like how
I do's what I do's and I have 'em like "wow!"

[Verse 5 - Syleena Johnson]
(Your my medicine)
Oh, you take the pain away and bring me healing boy
(And you bring me so much joy), so much joyyy
Whenever you come near me, I just cannot help myself
Because your love is so (your love is so)

[Chorus - Syleena Johnson] - w/ ad libs - repeated until end