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Artist: 112 f/ Ghostface Killah
Album:  Hot and Wet 12"
Song:   Hot and Wet (Remix)
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: Slim (Ghostface Killah)]
112, 112... (that's right, that's right)
Guessin' my love...
(This is Pretty Toney, you know the deal, ma
Let me hit that.. can I?)

I wanna show you how I feel
Don't hold back, here's my love
Baby you're the one for me (I wanna know)
How can we get down tonight, no more game let's spend some time
Baby won't you give it to me
Just give it to me baby..

[Hook: 112 (Slim)]
You don't know, what you do, to me
The way you touch baby (Girl I'm tired of playing games are you ready?)
I love it, when, you're on, top of it, so spread it
(Won't you just give it to me, girl we can do it)

[Chorus 2X: 112]
Hot and wet, girl you make me wanna sweat
When you touch me like that, girl you know I wanna give it to you

Baby now it's getting late, don't stop now, I can't wait
To show you belong to me, ooh
Know how I like it, take your time
Close your eyes, let me show you what real love should be



[Interlude: Ghostface Killah]
It's fabulous, yo, yo...

[Ghostface Killah]
Aiyo, I like my pussy just a little bit funky
Bet you my stick will pin a tail on the donkey
High profile, I'm wild, ex-porn star
Humpin' every thing since a god damn child
Now, look, catch the flick, I'm layin' like Spidey on the wall
Got you starin' at a gorgeous dick
My technique is (speaking French)
Hey girl, listen up, cuz that boy is poison
Stop with all that noise and, you can bring your toys in
Long hittin' and rippin', like Chingy I'mma keep it "Right Thurr"
Not scurred, gonna lay on your kitten
Lay you on your stomach in the ass-out position
Sweetie, fuck the Colonel, taste GFK chicken
It's the 112, a crazy Ghost, on the road
We keep cuffs, condoms, actin' crazy loc's

[Chorus to fade]