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Artist: Governor f/ 50 Cent
Album:  Here We Go Again 12"
Song:   Here We Go Again
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[Intro: Governor] + (50 Cent)
Ooooh (here we go again)
Every time, every time
Every time we even talk about breakin up (and again)
Ohhhh (again and again)
Deep inside, hurts me deep (here we go again)

[Chorus: Governor + 50 Cent]
Every time we break up it's like we make up to do it again
(Here we go again)
Tell me how can I prove to you that you're my, closest friend
(Here we go again)
Every time you pick up my phone you startin this shit again
(Here we go again)
I just wanna love you, don't wanna fight you cause I can't win
Here we go again!

[50 Cent]
Why would I wanna fight wit'chu? Beefin wit'chu is worthless
Plus I think God made you for me, we match together perfect
You're actin insecure, why don't you think I would stay wit'chu?
Girl if it's up to me I'll spend forever and a day wit'chu
Engagement, ring ring, 10-karat bling bling
I be on that boss shit, I be-be on that boss shit
Benzes, Porsches, Ferraris, Rolls-es
I'll let you drive 'em all; girl we could have a ball

[Chorus] w/ ad libs

[50 Cent]
And again, you don't hear me when I talk to you
The bills come I pay the bills, I'm doin what I'm supposed to do
For Christ sakes give me a break, I shake the Jake to get the cake
That's why we straight, I'm out of state, puttin food on our plate
The bickerin make the love feel like hate
You're my soulmate, us bein together is our fate
Leavin me'll be a big mistake, wrong move to make
Apart both of us'll be in bad shape

[Chorus] w/ ad libs

No love compares to your love (your love)
Girl you take me higher (it always takes me higher)
If you wanna fight me
Go 'head and fight me 'til you're tired (baby, please don't fight me)
I'm for you, you for me
In the end, we gon' see
You and me, is meant to be
But as for right now here we go again

[Chorus] w/ ad libs

[50 Cent - repeat 2X]
Here we go again
And again
Here we go again
Over and over again