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Artist: Joy Denalane f/ Raekwon
Album:  Born & Raised
Song:   Heaven or Hell
Typed by: Davida.b.

[Intro: Raekwon]
Yo, what it is man? What's going on man? Come on man

She dissed me when she walked out the door
She kissed me, Louie luggage on the floor
Gazing, plus the room was misty
I felt a slight urge telling me to wisin up
I can't provise her, she dead in the right the don's a jiver
I lost my most powerful piece
My queen broke my heart in sixty six ways, plus the bitch is a scheem
The only thing she left was a rose, and she left the rose in front of
the building
Now how the fuck my pain get exposed, damn, what happened man?

[Joy Denalane]
We don come to a point where it can't be denied no more
I don't even understand what we're still in this for
I denied the sacrifice to keep our love alive
Something died so long ago that can't be revived
There comes a time when you gotta face the situation and make a choice in life
We're caught up in a state of hesitation, and that just won't suffice
Don't get me wrong, I dun thought this through, yeah
The way you hold me used to console me
Now all I feel is the empty that you

[Chorus 2X: Joy Denalane w/ Raekwon ad-libs]
What do you believe in, heaven or hell?
I don't believe in heaven cus we're living in hell and that's my life
With you

[Joy Denalane]
Yeah, listen to me, you sing my praises everyday, you used to tell me
how you needed me
I know how proud you were that day I brought home my degree
But you had dreams and all I wanted was for you to see them through
And through it all I forgot that I once had dreams too
I should have had the sense to pay attention, cus some told me to
The road to hell is paved with good intentions, and Lord knows it's true
The years that I gave, were they all in vain?
Used to adore me, now you ignore me
How could I know we would end up this way?

[Chorus 2X w/ Raekwon ad-libs]

[Joy Denalane]
What hurts me most, deep inside
Now that I'm letting go, you seem surprised
I wanted you back for oh so many years now
You used to act like you were holding your career down
It's not the dreams I kiss goodbye
It's that we used to be a team and I lived this lie
What's past is past, now listen well
I'm leaving your ass, gonna meet you in hell

[Chorus 4X w/ Raekwon ad-libs]

[Outro: Raekwon (Joy Denalane)]
(That's my life), you know what I'm saying? It's all good
Word up, The Chef, you know how I go
Joy, Joy Joy, whatup, one love baby, hold it down