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Artist: Brooke Valentine f/ Da Brat, Lil Jon, Remy Martin
Album:  Girlfight 12"
Song:   Girlfight (Remix)
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[Intro: Lil Jon]
Its about to be a... girlfight (Remix)
Hey, sendin' this out to all the girls
That got beef with another bitch
Just walk up to that bitch and tell her

[Remy Martin]
I don't fight..
I don't argue..
I just hit that bitch with a bottle
I don't fight..
I don't argue..
I just hit that bitch with a bottle

It's a bout to be a (WHAT) girl fight

We bout to throw them bows
We bout to swing them thangs
We bout to throw them bows
We bout to swing them thangs
It's a bout to be a (WHAT) girl fight

[Verse 1: Brooke Valentine]
I hit that bitch with a bottle, I hit her full throttle
Didn't think I could do it cuz I look like a model
I'm so impossible, originator for girl fights
The first to leave a heiffer in the hospital
That's me, yup, M-S-B
Miss bottle action, I swear you heiffers can't see me
Y'all can never take me and insinuate me
Turn around and bite me, and try to demonstrate me, huh
How 'bout I slap ya and hit ya with one of these
Punch ya homie in the mouth with a handful of rings
Don't need no help, I can do it myself
Had a click full of girls, now you all by yourself, yeah
You all alone, you ain't said one word
Think security gon' stop it, I just flip them a bird
What, you got beef baby, I tell ya we can cook it
Put ya dukes up bitch, you wanna fight we can do it


[Verse 2: Da Brat]
Slit ya throat to the meat, bitch if you got beef
And that's food for thought, so my peeps can eat
If I gotta fight the girl, I'm snatchin' out her curls
I'ma catch that ho around the corner, beat her tushy earl
And leave her world caved in just like her face
Nobody know I done it, cause I left no trace
I'm a bad motherfucker, Chi-town my home base
Brooke diggin' in yo ass, Happy Valentine's Day
Do what I say, lay lay lay, my knuckles on ya jaw
You won't never get a witness sayin' what they saw
I ain't tryin to be no victim, you wanna cross that line
I leave a bitch leakin' blood, like it's period time
Got that old school in me like Tampax
You can't leave home without my CD like Air-Max
I throw them bows left to right
I'm So So Def-a-like, legendary like Like Mike, bitch


[Verse 3: Remy Martin]
Look, if you really wanna get it poppin'
I can act like I ain't got a album droppin'
But, you the type to talk shit quick
Get ya ass whipped
And then go call the cops
Lose ya jewels in the process of gettin' stomped
You file all type of reports sayin' you got robbed
Now that ain't gangsta and you ain't gangsta
Matter fact, your whole motherfuckin' crew is wankstas
I'm tellin' you, you don't really want it with me
I don't know how to act, Remy'll o-d
I be camped out, waitin' at ya J-O-B
With my hair in two braids, face Vaselined
And my squad know the plan before we start thumpin'
Even if I'm winnin' we all gon' jump in
Talkin' wreckless, no hired protection
And I'm still walkin' around them metal detectors


I'm poppin' one heifers, two heifers, three heifers, fo'
If that bitch with her, watch her watch her hit the flo'
I don't fight
I don't argue, yeah
I just hit that bitch with a bottle