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Artist: B2K f/ Fabolous
Album:  Girlfriend 12"
Song:   Girlfriend (Remix)
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I got everything I want in my life except a girlfriend
Woo, ah

Single ladies put your applications in
Remix, yeah

Ma, you probably seen many cats before me
But I'm doing better in any category
Girlfriend, there's plenty that adore me
Cause I ain't the type to make millions and try to throw pennies at a shorty
Friendly chats a-bore me
And I'm looking for a Chante Moore just to Kenny Lattimore-me
I don't be nowhere that any rats or whores be
And mami, you can check on any status score sheet

Just copped a Bentley and it's parked in my garage (garage)
At 2:00 appointment for my massage (massage)
And everywhere we go they know just who we are (are)
There they go, it's them ghetto superstars (stars)

The latest throwback and them ones on my feet (feet)
Get out the Benz and then I'm off up in the jeep (jeep)
Take your friend with chicks that look like Alicia Keys (Keys)
All of that I'm still missin' one thing (Whoa)

[Chorus: B2K]
A girlfriend (Hey), girlfriend (Everything I wanted)
I need a girlfriend (Yeah), girlfriend (And everything that I)
Girlfriend (Oh), girlfriend (Would you be my)
Would you be my girlfriend (Hey), girlfriend

We hit the mall, I buy you Prada, Nike suits (suits)
IB apparel while I'm chillin' by the pool (pool)
From the show to the limo, to the club (club)
Hand in the air, showin' nothin' but some love (love)

Got plenty clothes, plenty ice, plenty cash (cash)
I'm pretty swoll, pretty abs, plenty (Shh...)
I got every single thing that I need (need)
Except for a main squeeze (Whoa)

[Chorus: B2K] + ad-libs

{Check one, two}

Uh, all I know is every king need a queen (queen)
And something rollin' with him when he flee the scene (scene)
And something struttin' with him when he hit the mall (mall)
And something riding with him when she get the call (call)
I told y'all, I trade whatever I own
Cause I've had somebody else's girl but never my own (Uh-uh)
And when I want a home-cooked meal (Huh?)
How you think looking through a phone book feel? (Huh?)
And shorty, the way my carats glit (Mm), you barely can stare at it (Mm)
But it's selfish to have it, and nobody to share it with
I need them kisses when I leave (yeah), hugs when I arrive (Um)
And without it my life, girl, I'm struggling to survive (yeah)
It's the way you call my name
And when it come to girls, I used to say "they all the same"
I guess I was wrong
Cause when I find somebody who could play this baller's game
You could put Fabolous in the Players' Hall of Fame (yeah)

[Chorus: B2K] - 2X + ad-libs

Yeah... hey..
A girlfriend
Tender... oh..
Hey, hey