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Artist: Joe f/ Nas
Album:  Ain't Nothin' Like Me
Song:   Get to Know Me
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

*Samples Nas' "You're Da Man"

Ayo Joe here's another one
Tim & Bob, Nas

They drool on blue jewels on the arm
Too cool when I'm calm
Still moved to the psalm
Been a minute since I heard some new Joe
'Cause dawg is crazy R&B cujo
And I'ma - rap psycho, Norm and Bates call it mama
With the brown in Llama
But I ain't in town for no drama
Just peeping shorty, peep me so I own her

In the club deep with all my crew
Saturday nights is just what we do
Just enjoying the good life, it's alright in here
When I turned around I see a sexy mami staring at me
I already know what she's thinking, she wants me tonight

(Chorus: Joe)
I see you looking at naughty
come over and get to know me
Tell me what it is you're sipping
Just live it up, I got the bar
Maybe if you get to know me
Then maybe we can leave this party
Ohh you got a sexy body
Come over and get to know me 

You're so damn hot girl you making me sweat
You got a round thing that I can't forget
From your hips all the way to your chest
Look so good, I'ma say that I'm impressed
You should thank God 'cause you've been blessed
Come here so I can get into your head
Don't be shy
Come over, come over
Come over, come over
Come over, come over and get to know me

(Chorus: Joe) X2

Yeah baby I know why you're here
I know what you're thinking but I ain't saying nothing
Great minds think a like you're an intelligent species
We've already connect through telekinesis
Plus my gear's correct, the monkey jeans on 
One pair 15 huh, crisp clean Air Ones
I think you can be my sparkle
Maybe my Claudine raising my offspring
The haze is lit, you taste the algae 
The grapes I sip from Napa Valley
Your waist is slim it must be balley's
You're killing me softly like old school Albee

(Chorus: Joe) X2

Come over and get to know me 
We're gonna like what you see
ooh, aah, ooh yeah
Come over here girl, come over here
Come over here baby, come over here