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Artist: Jene' f/ Foxy Brown, Lady May
Album:  Get Into Something (Remix) 12"
Song:   Get Into Something (Remix)
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[Intro: Foxy Brown](Mario 'Yellowman' Winans)
Oh, oh yes, Brooklyn
This right here, grindin' with the Yellowman Winans (Lady May)
(what we gettin in to tonight, what we gettin' in to tonight)
The official bad girl of the game y'all
Puff what up baby, it's going down, yeah, check it
(what we gettin in to tonight, aiyyo what y'all wanna do cuz)

[Foxy Brown]
I'm a bad girl now
So you know what that means
Me and Diddy move slowly with the Rolls Face Roley
Ill bitch so you knows I rolls with the best
Come the pussyhole man bloodclot test the don
While Puff in the Bentley wagon
Fox keep the Sean John sable dragon
And I ain't even braggin' about the truck
I show y'all niggas how to  Shyne  with a nigga like Puff now

Life is what you make it and it can past you fast
What more does it take to get you up off yo' ass
(You got) written up at work
(And your) workin' for a jerk
(Now your) name is in the dirt (bump it)
Now it's time to get into something

Hey there's a party going on
Ain't no reason for you to be, stuck at home all alone
Come on lets reflect
(Well uh) Who is now your ex
(And you) lost some self respect
(But at) least you've got yo' cheque (bump it)
Now it's time to get into something

[Chorus: Jene']
Let's go to where the party's jumping
and where the music is bumping
and we ain't caring bout nothing
It's time to get into something
Here we go where we get in free
Or at least where we're drinking for cheap
And forget everything stressing me
It's time to get into something

Something, yeah, mmm-mmm

You know i'm saying
Never sweat the small stuff it happens everyday
Never sweat the small stuff and you will be ok
(Now you're) far away from home
(With I.D.) it says you're grown
(People) telling you come on (get it)
Now it's time to get into something

Don't worry bout the females staring
They can't ?do? what your wearing
Don't worry bout the fellas staring
They can buy the drinks
(Have a) Long Island Ice tea (down it!)
Vodka Martini (down it!)
Sex on the beach (down it!)
Now it's time to get into something, yeah

Repeat Chorus

Something ohhh (yeah yeah, get to it)
That's how we roll (let's do it, Lady May
get to it)

[Lady May]
On Pirellis, on cellys
With no worries me and my girlies
We get it crunk, gon get drunk silly
And later feely bag a big willie
Them cars ?, we so ?
We be buying out the bars with no problem (take that)
Me my chicks and them, Christian, Dior 
Me and Moor we the best of them

[Jene w/ Puffy, Lady May adlibs]
Everybody in the front and the back (get it, cop it)
Throw your hands in the air where you at (get it, cop it)
If your knowing that you got it like that (get it, cop it)
Bounce with it, bounce with it
If you a dollar in your pocket 
And you wanna get this party started 
And you feeling like there ain't no stoppin'
Bounce with it, bounce with it

*repeat w/ different adlibs*

*music fades w/ Puffy adlibs*