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Artist: Ray J f/ Pharrell Williams (Neptunes)
Album:  This Ain't A Game
Song:   Formal Invite
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[Ray J]
Yo, we got dirty on the brand new matress
I had you walkin' round with your thong on backwards
I know you felt surprised just how long I lasted
Tellin' all yo friends that I'm a nasty bastard
Yo, you know what I like, models and actresses
You know the ones who scream "He loves me not"
You know the ones with the Beamers and them tight ass spots
The ones I see at the beach and be like "Yo, she hot"
Baby pose, let me freeze the frame
You can slide down my pole, let me easy the pain
We can roll on the dubbies in the greasy Range
And throw on a Avirex coat, and plain ??? 
And with that body ain't no tellin what I'd do to ya
I'll have you moanin', while I'm groanin'
With that body I can't help but to do ya
And in the mornin' you'll be telephonin' me
Show me the real meanin' of what horny means
While I show you the opposite of what lonely brings
The ice roll on mah neck makes my body bling
Flippin' out while you doin' them gully things
So tell me whachu doin' tonight
Cuz we can do it again, yo you with it... aigh?
Me, I know you like it when I'm feelin' aiight
And tonight I'mma make you feel it, aiight?

[Ray J] (Chorus)
    Girl, whachu doin' tonight?
    This is my formal invite
    You should just come home to me, girl
    Girl, whachu doin' tonight?
    This is my formal invite
    You should just come home to me, girl

[Pharrell Williams]
It's been a long time since I put Kelis out
I been in VA puttin' them hundred grand beats out
Payin' for the all glass-out beach house
So you can see me gettin' head from the hottest piece out
Ex-dyke, Dominican, say they from the Minigan
Askin' me do I wanna send again
??? they, screwin' me on, watch yo heels girl
Don't scratch my Louis Vuitton's
??? and when I'm in I touch yo chest you girls scream ???
She said she feenin' for leaves, so she can't breathe
I don't smoke, but girl I keep bomb ass weed
I change clothes, the same hoes that shop in Mangold's
Gotta pull out my chain slow, cuz man that thang rolls
My house, that they can see, ??? they can see
Virginia is my home and my niggas my ADT's
See my two dark, dark knees, and therefore light, lights ???
Girl you never seen no diamonds as bright like these
I don't visit Jacob, my stuff be male enough
So whachu think you tellin us?
??? so he can better me deals
I shop in Beverly Hills so we can dress and we kill
Watch the E! channel and see how this rockstar lives
Who the next girl that wanna see this rockstar crib... c'mon...

Repeat Chorus 3X

[Ray J]
Girl, ain't no need for you to be kinky
You needa leave yo man alone cuz he's broke and wimpy
You need to be with somebody like me
Who can't ???, but I can ice yo pinky
You know, you know, hang out with you
You know, you know, lay down with you
You know, you know, stay down with you
And you can show them other girls what class'll get you... aiiiight?

Repeat Chorus til fade...