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Artist: R. Kelly f/ Jadakiss
Album:  DJ Clue: N.C. 2000/Fiesta 12"
Song:   Fiesta (Original Version)
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{R. Kelly Humming}

[R. Kelly]
Chillin in my four point six, at the light
Bout to be V-I-P for the night
Shorty in the drop top V, made alright
Pull up to a bumper baby, beep twice
Jumped out the whip like I was the police
Didn't have a gun but my wrist said freeze
That Friday on a dvd
She's a baller and I'm a baller, what what

[Chorus: R. Kelly]
To all my hot girls livin, fiesta
To all my hot boys livin, fiesta
To all my Chi-Town niggaz, fiesta
And all my uptown niggaz, fiesta

To all my players and my hustlers, fiesta
And iif you sittin on them thangs, fiesta
To all the honies in the club, fiesta
And if you rollin wit a thug, fiesta

[R. Kelly]
We be off in the club sippin la
Red eyed deep in the cut puffin lah
Strippers in the back of the club showin la
Soon as I get a buzz, I'm showin la
House on top of the hill, got 'em what
Who's gonna by the bar? Got 'em up
Take the haters out in the back rough 'em up
I'm a baller, now where's my ballers? What what


[Bridge: R. Kelly]
We pop Cris' on a daily base (Come on)
Plus we got honies all up in the place (Yeah)
Bout to wild out in a major way (That's Right)
So put your hands up if you made your pay (Come on)
Add a little juice to the Tanqueray (Yeah, Yeah)
And let the ice show up to the diamond face (Uh huh)
Rockland sittin on Capitol Hill (Come on)
Trackmasters make Capitol deals

Yo you can catch me blowin fesh Chronic
In the new Charcoal Gray M-5 step tronic
And I don't pimp, I just keep my hoes in order
And I keep my neck full of frozen water
And we usually wear jeans, but it's linen tonight
I'm spendin tonight, everybody spendin the night
We gon flick it up and hit my man off wit a kite
So when he see it, he can visualize livin the life
If I do somethin to you, then you guys could tell
But you know that I still got pies for sale
A plane and a boat cause I like to fly and sail
Did you ever think you'd hear the *muah* and Kel?
Sippin bano's and everything, hittin models and everything (Fiesta)
You can spot me and R by the bar wit heavy bling
The east side to the west side, live it up (Fiesta)
While you cause even the best die so (Fiesta)

[Chorus till fade]