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Artist: LV f/ Raekwon
Album:  How Long?
Song:   Everyday Hustler
Typed by:, Tha Masta

Know what you gotta do
Straight up

Yah, yo
I'm raw, dinosaur chain, never been a lame
We aim, straight C.R.E.A.M., makin paper, make exchange
Yo, catch me yo, while the Fed's try to snatch me
Whips and fly shit, match me actually, cat
Build like crypts from the ground up
We gon' keep flow until we drown, what?
Bust loud sounds up, steamy Remy on my mind
You best to gimme mines, rep' for this family is in mind

Instant pressure everyday
Can't let it stop my pay
See I got money anyway
Solid ground's where I plan to stay

[Chorus 1: LV]
It's up to me, it's guaranteed, security, financially
Whatever it takes to make ends meet
Each and everyday, yeah
It's up to me, to make meak
Nobody else, but me, but me
That's why am I here in these streets
doin what I gotta do, oh-whoa-oh

[Chorus 2: LV]
Everyday, I'm hustlin in these streets
To get the things I need
Big house and a roof on me
Iced out jewelery

[Chorus 3: LV]
Every way, still follow and you'll see
To get the final things
High every day of the week, women every nationality

Willing to take any raise
To have a things I'm used to
I'll take on the consequence
Just do what I gotta do

[Chorus - all 3]

[Chorus 2]

[Chorus 3]

Yo, yo
Now what the fuck y'all know about paying rent?
We stayin bent, with the real young limp
Runnin the strip yo, runnin with hoes with names
Intelligence rows the game, drivin fast foreign shit
Killa chain, make half, fox pull inf', cash on the strength
Shoes alligator, get 'em scared, we worldwide in the ghetto
Immobilizing rise from the ghetto, came to take pies out the ghetto
Max do what, yo, relax, count stacks
Blow tracks LV, make your voice scratch
Scrape that, silk shit on, bottle of Dom
Ice little bit of shit on
Grab the shorty up, sing a song

[Chorus 3 & 2 (till fade)]