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Artist: Santana f/ Cee-Lo, Lauryn Hill
Album:  Supernatural
Song:   Do You Like it the Way
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Verse 1- Lauryn Hill

Watch the Masta Plan, The pastures span,
Through the streets, flipped the beat, 
move the sheep like the Shepard.
It's a new day, my crew stay, 
forever striving.
Give thanks cuz we alive, and
been through the gutter.
Now we See the Horizon,
It's clear to me now.
Used to be confused,
Took a lot of years to see how.
Now, we movin planets,
take the average mind and expand it.
You take for granted like we're 
always gonna be disadvantaged.
But soon come, it soon come,
ya soon done.
Ya start run, you stumble,
we catch one.
In the rhythm, Santana lick the
guits with precision
Not accidental, intentional, 
concious decision.
To Zion, we're marching
through with African Mayans
conquering Babylon with
the heart of a lion
Behold to watch yesterday
come back around.
And the walls of Jericho
come a tumbling down

Verse 2- Cee-Lo

Tell me how long has it been
Is everything, everything
alright my friend
You see, time is passing,
people asking how com none
of this is lasting
Money will, make people deal
like they don't even have to feel
But no, it ain't real, it ain't real

Chorus- Cee-Lo

Oh, Do you like it the way
that it's going down
Do you like it the way
that it's going down
Ooh, Do you like it the way

Verse 3- Cee-Lo

How long, how long will we wait,
to sit down and communicate
See, everything is relative, if
you want to get, then give
Can't we all just build and live,
can't we, can't we?