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Artist: Keyshia Cole f/ Too $hort
Album:  Just Like You
Song:   Didn't I Tell You
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[Intro - Too $hort]
'Ey Keyshia, it's your big homey $hort Dog from the town
I know you big ballin, baby
But I don't wanna get no phone calls, talkin 'bout
"Keyshia at the house, curled up cryin with her heart broke"
Know you wahn't raised like that! (AY!!)
You need to hit a club or somethin (AY!!)
...goin out (AY!!)

[Keyshia Cole - Verse One]
So why you goin out, havin yo' fuuuuuun
I should sit here, waitin for you?
All this time I've invested in you, baby
Now you gettin yo', dubs and
makin yo' runs and, poppin yo' drank and
havin yo' fuuuuuuuuuun
But see, it's okay
Cause what goes around, comes around
It's always been that way, yeah

Didn't I tell you I, was gonna be the one? (be the one)
Be the one, and when it's all done boy
(She cain't love you like I do)
Didn't I tell you, boy-oy? Huh?
Didn't I tell yoooooou? (Huh?)
Didn't I tell yoooooou? (Huh?)
Didn't I tell yoooooou? (Huh?)
Didn't I tell you, boy-oy?

[Verse Two]
So now the sun comin up, you wanna change
But I ain't sittin up and cryin and shit
So while you rollin out, doin yo' thang
I be poppin my, bot-tles
Rollin me dubs, hangin wit my girls
I be havin my FUUUUUUUN
Cause I don't deserve, all the games you play
Now you comin back this way-ay, but..

[Chrous w/ Keyshia's ad-libs]

[Bridge] (Too $hort)
You goin out knowin everybody's watchin (You cain't play her!)
But she can never be me and you know it baby (She play the GAME!)
The truth is in the puddin, ain't no way to hide it
Didn't I tell you, boy-oy? (I know she told you!)

[Too $hort]
You think you got her stuck? You must be smokin
She got a lotta money too, she ain't no joke man!
We raised her good, she got the game befo' the fame
Keyshia Cole, ain't nuttin changed, you know her name
You see her ridin somethin clean, lookin hella fly
I know you heard she "Changed Her Mind", I'm 'bout to tell you why
She ain't stayin at the house, she's goin out!
To some exclusive {shit}, that you don't know about
Keyshia won't be curled up, cryin wit her broke heart
She 'bout to get dressed and go HARDAnd if you wanna run the streets, chasin hoes dude
She'll be out chillin, 'cause you ain't doin what you S'POSED to


(Didn't I tell yoooooou?)
(Didn't I tell yoooooou?)
(Didn't I tell yoooooou?)
Didn't I tell you, boy-oy?