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Artist: Jamie Foxx f/ Drake, The-Dream, Kanye West
Album:  Digital Girl (Remix) digital download
Song:   Digital Girl (Remix)
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I wanna see what's under 

Who's that peekin in my window?
Uh, you should let some more skin show
And if one of these websites get the info 
We/Wii can work it out, no Nintendo 
I just hit Alt...Tab... 
Switchin in between two convos 
I should just call...cabs... 
and bring 'em both here to the condo 
Yeah, normally it ain't a question 
We would cross paths like an intersection 
But she just too far away for affection
So I pray that we never lose a connection 
'Cause I remember Stacy, she prol'ly hate me
She used to threaten she had a man to replace me 
She talk that shit, I just hit the escape key 
and then she get mad and wanna go and erase me 
And I remember Amy, she used to AIM me 
She stayed up late, and used to blame me 
She said I'm too wild, she wanna tame me 
I told her even Photoshop couldn't change me 
But you-you-you, you got me open girl, why lie? 
We ain't even tryna settle, so why try? 
End the night with a kiss and a bye bye 
No strings attatched, your love is so Wi-Fi 

[Jamie Foxx]
I love it, girl..
The way you bring your light into this room...
Uh, I love it, girl...
The way your legs ?light up? when they're in them shoes, ohhh..
I love it, girl...
The way your lips looks after you apply the gloss..
Ah, I love it, girl, girl...
You look right in the screen then take it o-off, off

[Chorus: Jamie Foxx] (The-Dream)
My digital girl, girl, girl, girl, girl, girl..
(She's my digital) girl, girl, girl, girl, girl, GIRL, girl..
(She's my digital girl)

[Jamie Foxx]
My homies never see you
But I always got you right here for me.. 
Tucked, in my Louis computer bag 
Wherever you are, I could be.. 
I type you a message full of X's and O's
You shoot me a video and then upload 
Even though I hate this distance, it keeps me persistent 
One day I'll have your ass up in this kitchen 


[The-Dream] {Kanye West}
Baby, not a day goes byyyy... (Whoaaaaa...) (Eh, shawty)  
Without you on my miiiind... (Whoaaaaa...) (Eh, shawty)
Donna Karan underweaaaaar... (Whoooa-HOA..) (Eh shwaty) 
{Babe, I swear you have nothing to worry about) 
Baby, I wanna see what's under therrrre... {It's easy, look lemme explain..} 
(Oh baby, yeah baby!)

[Kanye West] 
When you take the picture, cut off your face 
And cover up the tattoo by the waist 
Let the +MC Serch+ 'til I reach +3rd Base+ 
And when I get home I'ma hit home plate 
Wait, could this be considered our first date? 
"'Ye, the picture just looks so trash" 
Your body make a baller spend cooked coke cash 
Plus every good girl wanna go bad 
In Playboy mags like Stacy Dash 
or Kim Kardashian, be a lady aaaaat, it 
You know what's a crazy thing? 
Some girls'll make you wait longer than A.C. Green 
Passion of the Christ, 33-Year Old Virgin 
That's disrespectful baby, don't encourage him 
I like 'em brown, yellow, Puerto Rican, or Persian 
Dashiki, kimono, or turban 
They say I dress white, but my swag so urban 
Tryin my luck, I hit her with the text say 
"Baby you up," ?uestion mark 
And she respond, "YES-S-S-I-R"

[Chorus w/ ad-lib]

[Jamie Foxx]
I ain't lyin, no no 
I ain't cheatin, no no 
I ain't lyin, uh no 
I ain't lyin, no no
I ain't lyin, no no
I ain't cheatin, no no 
I ain't lyin, no no {fades}