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Artist: Boy Big f/ Ghostface Killah, Polite, Raekwon
Album:  The Playa, The Hustla, The Gentleman
Song:   Conflict of Love
Typed by: Knowledge God, Cno Evil

[Chorus: Boy Big (Polite)]
Bare with me, don't turn against me
What I mean is that I'm caught up in the Conflict of Love
Bare with me, don't turn against me
I'm just a baller, some call it the life of a thug

Yo, yo, aiyo, I play the block like I'm homeless
Bold in the the fourth corners, strong, I think I'm in the zone bitch
I might embarass you, want me out my character
Mommy I ain't mad at ya, you said I'm too gangster
Yo understand why I do what I do
Understand why I move when I move
Could of had anybody in this world but I'm fuckin' with you
Ma' respect how I hustle and move
Listen shorty it's simple, "I don't love you, I like you
I don't wanna fuck you or pipe you and I don't wanna wife you
I got a wife at home, and if she find out
A nigga fouled up shorty she gon' wild out
She liable to flip, liable to punch holes in the whip
Take me to court, sue me for half my shit
And listen shorty I don't need the drama
Slay be the king at that", who be the King of Rap?
I guess we soon to see


[Ghostface Killah]
Before I start it let me pop my collar
If you ain't feelin' how I move baby dial 1-800 then holler
I'll chill for a minute, get morge for my music
Write more initially, blow as I intended
I lace you with a bank account Bill Gated up
Drop wallets in that Cuban shit, raise it up
Ghost Ben Javer, Toney Starks stayed
Still it's not enough for all the love I gave
And all the bitches that be fiendin'
The meanin' is crawl right between 'em
Do nasty things, be mean to 'em, without even G'en them
I asked the father to forgive me, right before I put the key in him
And now I feel guilty, it's only you and that's why I feel guilty
My Clan be tellin' me that you gon' kill me
Fuck it, I'll buy you a fur, feel me?


[Boy Big]
Remember this very night you said "hold on"
Hold on, hold on
Straighten up your face, don't turn the other way
Be strong heyaayayaayay

Yo, hey you'se a snotty little arrogant bitch, ain't you?
Relax big head I'm not Bird Man, lower that, thank you
I'm money, the ring that I copped you was to spot you yo
I'm helpin' your mother, just chill out, I got you
You could say "life is a hoax", picture me fallin' back bein' broke
I'd rather be woke, and I'd rather be buyin' a boat
Livin' like two rich African people flyin' in dope
Now if money gon' get us in trouble
you better chill out now, and have you a drink and order me a double
And I'm still gonna look out
And you can walk on the 95, frontin' with your cheap pocket book out
Break out