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Artist: Mona Lisa f/ Lost Boyz
Album:  Don't be a Menace.. soundtrack
Song:   Can't Be Wasting My Time
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Hey baby, baby
Can you tell me what you're going through
Is it a problem that ya keep holding on to
Lately you've been acting kinda strange
And I wonder if your feelings for me have changed

1 - 	Can you tell me 
	What's going on in your mind
        Is it affection ya need
	Is it love you wanna find
        I can take you where you wanna go
	Just stand by my side
        And just be sure what you want
	You can't be wasting my time

Communication is the key to our happiness
If we just talk about it 
Maybe we can make some sense
I'm not the type of woman that you can play for a fool
Use and abuse me 
And just act like it's cool, oh

Repeat 1
Repeat 1

[Mr. Cheeks]
Yo, Mona Lisa 
See there's something that we both should understand
Now if we share a life, you be my wife, I be your man
Nothin' can separate us, nothin' stronger than pride
I see it's time to open up wide, release what I feel inside
And take you places that you wanna be
Yo, come with me I'll show you things
That you would wanna see
Afraid of rejection but your affection girl, it's real
Yo, I can write a book on how you make a nigga feel, come on

Repeat 1 until fade