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Artist: Parappa the Rapper & MC Smart
Album:  Robot Chicken (Eaten by Cats) *
Song:   Kick Punch Kick-Punch
Typed by: @OHHLAdotcom

* [adult swim] block on Cartoon Network

Yeah alright alright
Make some noise now for the reigning champ, MC Smart!
And a brand new challenger, Parappa the Rapper!

[MC Smart]
I'll train this puppy like I was his tutor
Don't step to my dawg, I'ma leave you neutered
I'm a piranha, you a joke Parappa
Your rhymes are doo doo, I'll flush you down the crapper!

[Chop Chop Onion]
Drop rhymes like I taught you and you can't lose
Now excuse me, I have to go drop a deuce!

[Parappa the Rapper]
Kick, punch, kick-punch
Block, turnaround, kick-block
Block, kick, kick-punch
Punch punch block, turnaround

{*crowd goes nuts*}