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Artist: PaRappa the Rapper
Album:  Robot Chicken (Help Me)
Song:   Can't Be a Crime to Kick a Dope Rhyme
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Your honor, the defendant was arrested without a license
in a car containing three concealed weapons and over an ounce of marijuana

Well, council, if your client insists on pleading the fifth
I'll have no choice but to throw the book at him
How do you want to proceed?

{*Chop Master Onion pulls out a boombox*}


[Chop Master Onion]
Kick! Punch! We don't have much time
If you don't squeal you're gonna serve a dime
I'm fine either way 'cause I still get paid
But listen to your teacher, this should be your next play
Now snitch!

[PaRappa] Snitch?
[Onion] Rat! Rat!
[PaRappa] Rat? Rat?
[Onion] Snitch! Snitch! Rat!
[PaRappa] Snitch? Snitch? Rat?
[Onion] Rat! Rat! Snitch!
[PaRappa] Rat? Rat? Snitch?

[Chop Master Onion]
Don't be a hero when you could serve zero
Or do you want to shower with some butch bull queero?

[PaRappa the Rapper]
I may be a rapper but I can't take this rap
Wasn't driving the car, I was chillin in the back
It was King Kong Mushi with the drugs behind the wheel
If it keeps my culo safe, bet your ass I'm gonna squeal

This is absurd! He wants to throw us off the scent

Your honor, I've prepared a plea agreement

[PaRappa the Rapper]
It can't be a crime just to kick a dope rhyme!

Good point talking dog, I'll set you free with served time

[PaRappa the Rapper]
Yeah! You gotta believe!

[King Kong Mushi]
You fucked up now, PaRappa! {*gunshots*}