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Artist: Mike G f/ Alexander Spit, Cashius Green, Speak
Album:  Verses (Mixtape)
Song:   Savion Glover
Typed by: @OHHLAdotcom

[Alexander Spit]
Yeah~! I'm writin this from a mansion in Santa Monica yeah
And I'm on the roof, almost famous, yellin Geronimo - ay!
So I'll be Clyde and you'll be Bonnie today
Living up that higher level healings 'til them shamans relate
Okay I'm top shelf but new fit, my shades John Belushi
Blues Brother, crews hover in a Honda hooptie
Booty on my lap softer than a chocolate soufflé
Body like a poem I swear to God I got his crew 'fraid
Soup bread and muddy on this table of fire
Looking like VHS playbacks of +Dangerous Minds+
We got an opus from Caleb, yeah that's my favorite kind
With a slow copper tryin to get us, that's my favorite swine
So next time you see me out in New York, New York
Just throw that peace sign up at me like I'm Too $hort, Too $hort
I'm tappin on the beat wearin penny loafer cleats
Jammin oxygen tracks and now that metaphor complete

[Cashius Green]
Uhh (SPIT) Ginwuine "Pony" playin I just hit the stogie
It be days like these when a nigga think balogna
I don't eat it, yeah you know you can't repeat it
This girl got me chain smokin her pussy, so conceited
And I ain't tryin to fight the case, I'm just tryin to beat it
Even {?} like Handiman, and two weeks later semen
I got a demon, I don't teach 'em, kill the leaders, don't bruise me Adidas
And burn up every single Madea tape in the Red Box
Smoking wax by the dreadlocks
If you live by the rules, then number one be a head shot
Nigga you bett' not, before I cop a cot
And Russell Brand your momma with the cocaine crops
Who tryin to watch me? Who tryin to spot me?
Turn this motherfucking house into a lobby
In a 'Rari, who gon' stop me?
I'm already on E that's money makin Muhammad Ali

Uh, I wanna ball like a young Paul Wall (whoa)
I wanna drink like an old Scott Hall (ho)
So, Roald Dahl if you got the Giant Peach
Momma didn't mean to reach, now I'm slurrin with my speech
I'm a (POSE) though them hookers keep moist
I came up out the void, had a couple hundred joys
And all I wanna shoot is who don't wanna be them boys
Got some groupies on my loins but I wouldn't share a coin
with a bitch, who was pantie-less, kiss her with my Henny lips
Cut a couple corners get her naked then I penny pinch
Nipples like a crawfish, anime and bondage
I could break your heart quicker than I break a promise
Honest, injun, firewater, paleface
The worlds evil, better start sayin grace
Young hoes try fishin with the jail bait
You'll never catch this wahel on yo' dinner plate

[Mike G]
Aiyyo what use is a plane if you have no one to fly it?
Push hands from over my eyelids, I try it, to make 'em riot
Say who's something I bet they never thought I'd be inside it
So hot, my Aviators have me fly-er than your pilot
You perfect it and then buy it; and if I sold drugs
I could keep it on the low so nobody would know
But my connect in my client, so at times move in silence
This is like buried treasure, metal detectors probably find it
Run a race what do you wonder? Riders for the runners
Don't rush but told my brother I'd be rich by next summer
Cause in my mind there's no waitin for time
In this ravenous, impatient rest haven of mine
A Bob Marley in his prime, s'only like one and only
You have step in, I'm a hardcore legend like Michael Foley
Going slowly, even locked in a cell you couldn't hold me
Takes practice, get it mastered, with this flow and I'm a pro see?