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Artist: Mike G f/ Jack Mushroom
Album:  Verses (Mixtape)
Song:   Los Angeles
Typed by: @MikeGKTA

[Chorus: Jack]
I'm from the city of Los Angeles
The dirty dirt where them savages living scandalous
A town filled with goons that'll hold ya fam for ransom quick
And the answer to the yappin shit is banana clip

[Jack Mushroom]
Everyone's got a Cannon from their hips adjust with the camera's
Niggaz with bandannas and the stoners selling cannabis
And you got your people like me, who are just rad as fuck
Not a gangsta at all, but known some niggaz that'll snatch you up
These streets is hectic, so we'll stay with a piece and be protected or
Hit your knees or receive a death tic and from a tech in a second
So its evident I'm trying to get those presidents become a resident
Where niggaz dreamed about benevawin across the seven seas to see
Museums in new Zealand
And down in colosseums with queens of the united kingdom
Im just a prophet trying to see some profit
Fulfill my prophecies and knocking any nigga planning on stopping me
It's Jack nigga

[Chorus] - 2X

[Mike G]
I show you signs big as the Hollywood [logo, maybe?], would you read it?
Don't fake it till you make it, you believe it till you acheive it
The way I talk might make you jealous of this
Future visions like the better the whip the better it fits
The more you do it you know the better you get
Everyday is the 14th for me I love this shit
And I love gold thats what you get when you win
There's nothing like my city in the mindstate I live in
If I promised you the world I would just need time
I get ashamed when defeat, even crossed my mind
Feeling like you go blind for z notes, g's shouldn't be proviked on C's
I float its like your futures hanging by the ropes
Ambition drove me straight up pacific coast
This my nature hate that I love to brag and boast
Don't contest, other's just to be the best in time
Just be the best till the best comes around and stay down..

[Chorus] - 2X