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Artist: Mike G
Album:  Verses (Mixtape)
Song:   3 Commandments
Typed by: @OHHLAdotcom

{*instrumental for 28 seconds*}

[Joey Fatts]
You listenin to the future of this rap shit
It's no actin, still trappin
Never slackin, where the strap? Under my mattress
Turn him holy with this Magnum - get your Ma$e on
Street Fighter I just sit back and Capcom, the strap drawn
The 7 rip a hole through your Teflon
Blue steel ill nose pistol long as back arms
Crack a bitch, that just another lick to pass on
Run up in the house and clean that shit out when her dad gone
Real nigga, from the East, you better ask about me
And think about this Glock before you jock and rap about me
Creepin down the block, the forty cocked, he out his boundaries
Merrk a nigga then we outty, we don't do the county
And that's just the way it goes
Get money, fuck hoes, cause that's all a nigga know
He was trippin, now he slippin, it's a go
Chopper shells around the neck, all my niggaz cutthroat

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
Money, bitches, can't forget the weed
Give me those three things and that's all a nigga need
Countin G's, chasin paper while these bitches on they knees
Money bustin out the seams so she tryin to join the team

[Mike G]
It's always been, my intention, to capture this attention
On that money makin mission everyone seems to envision
Now you listen - got more heart than love letters that are written
Love late nights with women draped in lace inside my linen
I do it cause something's missing, you put me in this position
We might take a while to get it cause - everybody's different
From foreign girls that just like, cruisin in my cars
to white chick that do it for cocaine and caviar - yuck~!
At my shows I hype it up, blowin good, then light it up
Always lookin for better I can never get high enough
Sicker than your average, Crenshaw graduate
Leavin stalls with bags with T's wrapped in plastic
Succeed - you'll see everything that you've imagine
Believe, that's the first thing you need, to make it happen
Get it good, while you got it, doesn't matter, where you goin
To my neighbors see you later and leave with my doors open yeah