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Artist: Micranots
Album:  Obelisk Movements
Song:   Illegal Busyness
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[All by I Self Divine]

[Chorus 1]
China white, crystal meth, angel dust, percaset, cocaine, morphine, PCP
Hash, opium, prozac, special K, Xanax, mushrooms, LSD
[Verse 1]
The illicit hard drug industry is one trillion
Annual, you think you want to end this? Fantasy!
International ?? eradicate, futile
Assassinate Pablo Escobar, perhaps your middle man,
Noriega, not a dip in the system
Increase shipments in the wake of a so-called victory
For the DEA, no mystery
Check the data, black, steady G in they history
Around the world drug lords are aided and assisted
Production, transportation, distribution of drugs,
Receiving armed assistance, thugs,
Drug czars keepin the prosecution bugged
It's like that, Cold War strategy
No war on drugs, but war for drugs
A war to win love
In the hearts and minds of these
In battle regions around the globe
Solidly impoverished with guns to the dome
[Chorus 2]
Ecstasy, sugar, caffeine, thorazine, demerol, alcohol, nicotine, vicadin
Trail mix, mescaline, ice, sherm, rufenol, methadone, qualudes, burn
[Verse 2]
In the street gangs is big money
Petty cash to the major
Distributor, empires are built,
Lives killed, for a hundred keys a week,
Ask Mr. Rick Ross
Uzis is bought, body bags on the lawn
Mr. Ollie North says nothing's wrong
With guns and droppin dimes while niggas do time
Arms secretly sold overpriced to Iran,
The infamous Contragate weapons scam,
Notorious crooks-for-money gun operations,
For the conservatives no labor pics is taken,
The President, Senate subcommittees documented,
Officials tolerate Contra link drug victims,
December '75, the watchtower mission,
Established a series of three electronic beacons,
Towers from Bogota all the way to Panama,
Were activated, aircrafts can fly so invisible,
Defense forces, CIA agents is waiting for the shipments,
Profits from narcotic vicious
Laundered to Swiss bank accounts
And never droughts
[Chorus 2]
It's called Air America, the CIA front, the CIA, soldiers, mercs
They've been bringing it in ever since . . .
[Chorus 1]
[Verse 3]
It's gets critical the cover-up,
Operation Oil Well,
There's more to tell
Special forces spying on well,
No political, law enforcement and Catholic
Churches, judges give white male detergent,
Bugs and phone taps, civilians gettin' trapped,
World diagrams, naval charts, ill maps,
All the drama collected from phone taps
Goes to Washington, how the corporations use that
It's leverage, manipulate ??? to approve cause,
On many weapons, drug funds, secret wars or
Armored vehicles, invisible
Aircrafts, illegal controls the whole world black

{*sound of someone blowing a line*}
[talking] This is big business...
[police] Search warrant, please open the door
{*sound of door being kicked in*}