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Artist: Micranots
Album:  Obelisk Movements
Song:   Culture
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(chorus 2x [scratches])
This, is, original indigenous
This is all that we know that we have (cul-cul-cul-culture)
This, is, original indigenous
This is all that we know that we have (die-die-die for they culture)

(I-Self Divine)
We dealin' with sound, filling ya crown with immaculate
Concepts, classic air max in cortex
Vortex, sucking you in
Building my fortess, forcefield
Forty acres for construct building
This hip-hop landscape is my energy and culture
High lyricism spill my blood for the rapture
Metaphor foreside me guided me wise me
Sewn shut like an in-seem huh niggas eyes be
Chewin' on crushed glass, through how to see the robbery
Gettin' off the tips million dollar lottery odyssey
I'm, sincere to the utmost, severe to industry cut-throats
For real, hip-hoppers feel niggas glucose
The fashionest, isolate the fascist
Mashin', supplemental stashes of hash plants
Dirty cheap, cash advance, an avalanche
Full of faulty plans, galaxies shatter, full like the ASCAP

(chorus 2x)
"This is all that we know that we have, is this life
Those who don't believe, that they can suffer now and get theirs after death"

(I-Self Divine)
Pain, tattooed to the face tight
High field general, I-Self damaging, earning his stripes
Queens thought the obelisk movement was love movements
Love music, kings and queens concieve seeds to this
And achieve high degrees to this
Like specialists, my grandmaster flash messages
Very visual and graphic like bombed paintings
With self-inflicted wounds to the cardiovascular instinct
Ninety-eight degrees/98 degrees in sync/nsync
Interchangable cables and links
Medallions the size of kitchen sinks
With labels of anger designed, with Europeans in mind
We distorted the prism with turtle-shine
Street rappin' with slang, king English cut and butchered
Assassinate, reborn a culture that's decultivate
Bullet ricochet through asbestos hallways
Asthmatic athletes run fast in track meets
This, is, original indigenous
Before Columbus, or Columbine High gun busts
Supreme, queens glistening the radiant sun
Marley Marl man tonic soul sonic hold chronic
Like heaven on Earth, when the vinyl hit the obelisk
Water-head niggas burst when they over-confident
Impact, my sistas got gats up in they head wraps
Drug-traffic rap, aftermath on the mayhem

(chorus, 2x)

"culture" (3x)