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Artist: MHz
Album:  Table Scraps
Song:   Rocket Science
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Anyone hear that truck out there?

[Verse One] [Copywrite]
It's due to me you suck
Mr. Write made you the fan you are
I've seen tighter wrappers/rappers on a candy bar
I'm too nice to get ripped
Fuck what you said
Turn crack four pieces of shit between two slices of Wonder Bread
And from what I understand you think I'm God
That's sorta true
I ain't expensive on those who can't afford to lose
We pull cards of pathetic squads
Americans Express themselves and get charged for credit fraud
Plus the rhymes properly read
Once explained, my dick's the other white meat, your Muslim mom offered me head
But I rejected
The whore ain't worth my time or sperm
While you write rhymes the same night to learn
I got rhymes to burn and rhymes that's def/deaf
That force me to rock mic's in sign language
I'm fly and it's due to my dynamics
MC's I never panic, ran it from the planet 
Man you couldn't shoot the gift, if you was Santa with the cannon 
I'm on this Earth to diss crews, on plot I'm vet
Rhymin' since birth just proves you haven't caught on yet
Hell's like Tetris
See to it you fit
Want to teach you to quit
You precious pieces of shit
You'll be rhymin' to people with wits
And stop whining and preachin' to kids
Complete the sun and freak an eclipse
What I drop exceeds a ton
What I engineered, you engine needs to run
So for you to postpone only my roast, holmes would greatly benefit you
And if I offend you, fuck you I intend to
Copywrite extends to
Saturn and back twice
For those that lack patterns with wack rhymes
I smash atoms and battle real cliques to collapse mics
I'll pummel anyone who brings it
Fuck R&B and anyone who sings it

[Vocal sample]
Broadcast on September 13th. Track one
Broadcast on September 12th. Track two

[Verse Two] [Jakki The Motomouth]
The microphone
I'm stingy with it
You'll need a legion of angels with vice grips to pick you with it
If you wanted the heavyweight, makes a cipher pay the cost
And any nigga under a thousand pounds is gettin' tossed
Believe what you wanna believe
From the Bible to astrology
But when I step into the cipher, rappers start practicin' ideology
Immune to humans with a low percentage to come about with this
Some come at with mathematics
I'll hit that ass with advanced calculus 
I bring my math to the rappin' class
You wanna battle?
Bring a bazooka, Bible, four leaf clover and church just to back your ass
Pull out your can of ass whuppings 
I'll pull out my jar of "Whup A Can's Ass" 
You tried to give an ass whuppin' but couldn't 
None of y'all niggas are tight on the mic device with lame minds
I'll blow you out with the same line with the same rhyme at the same time
You could be Einstein to the ninth power, I'm still checkin' your chin
I'll take you out
Even if my IQ was negative 10
Correctin' you in
You wish you a challenge, up in this mind bout
Just to be fair
I'm gonna let you get your first fifty rhymes out
I hold the mic
Ruin your prototype when Moto strikes
Throw the likes of motherfuckers who think they own the right to bite
Who think they better than this?
Holdin' raps in like a fart
Kid let 'er rip
I got a brain in my ass
Of course I'm droppin' the clever shit
Let us spit poison ivy
Your weak lines never get by me
My verses are super dope
Marvel drug dealers can't prescribe me
Go ask your mom to sign your permission slip to get your ass kicked
You sound like the bastard of a faggot who fucked a trash bitch
Your rhymes sippin' on punch lines 
But my threats will drop your ass
The only punch lines I'm droppin' coward are the lines that sock your ass
I can blast that weak, fake ass freestyle of yours with minor contact
Only time your ass got freestyles is when I'm givin' you my rap
For you to deal with Moto soldier means
You better summon a universe to deal with one phrase I disperse into your spleen
Hurt your dreams
Jerk, you seen I've been fly
An acid enzyme 
Digest a verse of mine 
I'll be forced to eat you from the inside