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Artist: MHz Legacy (Tage Future)
Album:  MHz Legacy
Song:   Outta Room
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

I feel the G comin
RJ Boogie
Yeah! I feel the G comin
The flow way too offensive, it keep puntin
I gotta laugh at the jokers who keep frontin
I gotta glass of the Coke that I keep drummin, or somethin
You smithereens, the Megahertz the team bitch
We crossin over with our lines like a seam stitch
The grammar got glamour, ha~! The beat glitz
Try to run up on us, my whole team blitz
Painted by the homes, taken by the lung
How about a poem stay in like a monotone
The people love to party, party on when we is the shit
Spot I taker, party on, gone
I've gone with not many with Henny involved
and caught it like a Biletnikoff recipient
I'm boss so give me it, toss you idiots
off the roof I'm on the moon with a feminine va-va-voom
I'ma let her blow my balloon 'til we run out of room
Knahmsayin? Aight, yeah yeah, they warmed up, let's go

Chase inspiration, we run it down
And if it gets out of reach, then we gun it down
Hit you with the mathematics, you won't come around
I know a ton of English, 20 hundred pounds
Ye ain't even get all that, I let off at
a higher level than your uncle cholesterol at
It's man bra straps and Restrol hat, he and his brother's diet
got y'all rhymin like Sweeties - diabetes
Eat my Wheaties, CD's give you heebie jeebies
Not the typical disease, the CDC's
quantine your team, make you stay and listen
Your style played out, got you commitin plagiarism
You better do as you, play position, cause sheeit
e'rybody got a role the Muslim play the devil devil play a Christian
But I'ma stick to the script y'all pay admission
Broke niggaz at least gotta pay attention
And stand the room homey no place to sit in

{"Now let's get all in perspective"}
{"Attach plastically, designed drastically"}
{"Veterans like better than all you fake rappers"}
{"Separate the weak from the obso-obsolete"}
{"King of the town - yeah I been that"}
{"I gotta take my respect"}
{"Not-not gonna be that easy"}
{"Let's get on with it"}

{"I don't understand that, but.."}
{"Well, I don't understand that either"}

Word to the wise, now let's see you decide
to dismiss iller science's message
Like slidin through a Siberian swamp no jetski
I see you hella delicate, in alligaors delicatessy
You could element or retest me
Full court press of the fresh leave you dizzier than Gillespie
A lot to impress me, saviors pleases we take the fees
knees and make emcees rake our leaves, geez!
I'm from the future like a plantation spaceman
Singin to all of you slaves my new space jam
Savin the world, Kool-Aid for the wasteland
No more artificial additives makin it taste bland
Boys been poisoned for bitin on the buckeye
Scarlet and grey down, you'd think I was alumni
Sometimes I rock mediums, but not speedy-ums
Lately it ain't been fittin, the biggest spot you'll see me in
hustle to the coliseum, holla when you see him