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Artist: Meridian Dan
Album:  I'm From a Place (S)
Song:   I'm From a Place
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

I'm from a place
Meridian Walk

I'm from a place where man do crime
From a bit where man buss case
From an ends where man don't care what your name is
Us man don't watch face
I'm from the hood, I spray grime
In love with the kick and bass
Some can't understand the bars that I spray on the tune
They can't keep up with the pace
I'm from a place where man do crime
From a part you think is rough
From a bit where kids wanna be like Jay-Z
Or Biggie and Puff
From the end that gets no love
When a lot of the kids have heart
Ambitions and dreams but don't have a chance

[Verse 1]
I know that I'm not from Compton
But my road ain't like Brompton
So when I went for my job interview
I realised I had a problem
Cos, I never went to Eton
The address on my CV's Tottenham
But is that a reason
To me in a box like Bronson?
Man all wanna be like Branson
And drink Dom PĂ©rignon not Lanson
Like N-Dubz from Camden
I wanna share success with the mandem
Like the man that know about Bobby and Bow
And the man that know about Samson
For them kinda man that make room in the Phantom
Not some dudes that I met at random


[Verse 2]
I'm from a place where making money is risky
Man roll with Po like Dipsy
Some lick shots all day
But you can't make P when an oz 250
I don't how the drugs and guns get here
Trust me, it's a mystery
Man are in the mob like the Goons in Sicily
Cold arse men in iceberg history
Still I want to be successful
A hard knock life is stressful
You just wanna look fly in your rental
You wanna be fly? Drink Red Bull
I'm on a grown up ting
As strong as an ox but gentle
Any of you lot violate me
Man'll go, man'll go, man'll go mental


[Verse 3]
I'm from a place where kids have dreams
But don't know the ways or means
To put things together so it all makes sense
Like two bits of toast and beans
They've seen more drama than the stage
These kids act too big for their age
They just wanna get paid
Not by for working for minimum wage
If they could see a clear path in front
And get a chunk at the end of the month
I'm from the street, it's not a hunch
These kids don't wanna deal in punk
These are the kids that some thought [?]
Cos there wearing a hood and jeans
Some of these kids are just 14
And it fucks with their self-esteem